Drew Roy AKA Jesse From ‘Hannah Montana’ Just Welcomed His First Baby

Are we getting old?!
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Miley Cyrus is engaged, now her boyfriend Jesse (ya know, the one she ditched for Jake #awkward) from Hannah Montana, Drew Roy, has welcomed a baby boy! Gosh, are we getting old?! Drew and his wife Renee (Gardner) Roy are celebrating the arrival of a healthy baby boy, Jack Roy. CONGRATS!
The new mum and dad took to Instagram to show off their adorable bundle of joy:
Earlier in the week Drew shared a sonogram of his son with the sweetest caption:

“Today @rgardner24 And I are one week away from our first little “us” being born. You all know the feeling of being a week away from a big vacation or an exciting celebration, but the anticipation of meeting this little boy is something so different than anything I’ve ever been apart of. It’s almost like being a child again leading up to Christmas. That curiosity of knowing something special is in store for you, but you crave to find out the specifics of what is coming your way. Imagining what he’ll be like, who he’ll become, who he’ll help us to become. It simply is a miracle.”

Wishing your family a lifetime of happiness! Don’t forget to tell Jack about your Hannah Montana days! 

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