Do you want to see Kendall and Kylie’s Myspace profiles?

Of course you do!

For anyone who has ever had their Myspace profile come back to haunt them, we feel your pain! When the world moved to Facebook we all assumed our old social media account would just disappear into the internet… but alas, they have not. And now someone has discovered Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s Myspace’s from 2007. Prepare to be amazed and cringe…

(Credit: myspace.com via fallingforbritney.tumblr.com)
(Credit: myspace.com via fallingforbritney.tumblr.com)

Someone (probs the girls) has deleted the profiles since or they’ve all been removed by Myspace, but the fact they exist and had heavily filtered profile pics just like ours make us beyond happy!

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