Just Sayin’, Kendall Jenner & Boyf Devin Booker Are Couple Goals

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Dendall, Kevin, Jooker… whatever you want to couple name ’em, Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Devin Booker are our brand new definition of couple goals. 

WATCH: Kendall Jenner shows off her copper-toned hair:

Kendall is renowned for keeping her personal life, well… personal (which we have to commend her efforts for – she’s a Kardashian, after all).

But recently, the 25-year-old model showed a side to herself that no one expected, yet frothed to see. 

Yep, she finally went properly public with her boyfriend of one year, Devin Booker, and suffice to say we’re obsessed and need to finalise a couple name for them ASAP. 

Kendall shared this adorable candid snap with her boyf Devin Booker. (Instagram)

In case were hiding under your doona, Kendall Jenner recently delivered her hefty 171 million following several candid snaps with Devin on their one year anniversary. 

In one snap, Kendall hugs Devin from behind. In the next, the pair embrace on a kitchen bench. 

While it’s not quite as, um, intense  as some of the pictures her older sisters post with their beaus (we’re looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker), there is no denying these two are deeply in love. Nawwwww. 

So of course, we’re all wondering the same thing – who is Devin, the basketballer who stole our gal Kendall’s heart? Keep scrolling for all the details. 

Kendall and Devin have been together for one year. (Instagram)

Who is Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend? 

Devin Booker is a 24-year-old professional NBA player, and currently playing shooting guard for The Phoenix Suns.

Devin is also a casual 1.96 metres tall, which unsurprisingly bodes well for him on the court. 

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan the rising sportsman moved to Mississippi during school so he could live with his dad, also a pro baller. 

He played college basketball for Kentucky before being signed to the Phoenix Suns in 2015. 

How did Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker meet?

Kendall and Devin were first spotted together in April 2020 during a roadtrip in Arizona. 

Witnesses told several publications at the time that they certainly looked and acted like a couple, immediately getting the rumour mill a-swirling. 

Several months passed and the pair were spotted together once again, this time on a date at iconic LA establishment Nobu, frequented by the rich and famous. 

From there, the rest was history. After attending a controversial social distance-breaking soiree for Kim Kardashian’s birthday, the couple dropped little hints to fans until they officially came out with it in 2021. 

The pair were snapped out and about in April 2021 (Getty)

What has Kendall Jenner said about Devin Booker?

Kendall publicly acknowledged Devin is her boyfriend at a reunion for the final instalment of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , telling host Andy Cohen that she preferred to keep their relationship as private as possible. 

“Kylie and I have had the opportunity to watch our older sisters go through marriages and relationships and breakups and all these things, and do them pretty publicly. And no offense to you guys at all, but I think it was personal preference from a really young age that I didn’t want to [do that].”

Who else has Kendall Jenner dated?

Kendall has previously been linked to two basketball players, Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin. 

But don’t go saying Kendall only goes for the ‘ballers.

“I actually don’t only date basketball players, if anyone’s ever done their research, but I’m not ashamed that I have a type,” she admitted at the reunion. 

“I’m also just a genuine basketball fan,” she told them.

“So that’s just kind of happened.”

You might also remember fiery romance rumours between Kendall, Harry Styles and even A$AP Rocky. So that basically proves she’s also into musicians, right? 

Whatever her situation, we’re just happy Kendall’s happy. 

Mind you, we wouldn’t mind her sharing another coupla cute couple pics with Devin whenever she has a sec…

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