Demi Lovato has released a post-breakup ballad

And it sounds perfect 💖🎵

Music for a lot of people is a cathartic and therapeutic way of expressing your emotions, a comforting hand in the darkest of times, and really lets you feel your feels. And, for Demi Lovato, it’s perhaps the closest thing to directly addressing her split from ex-fiancé Max Ehrich. 


Overnight, the Girlfriend fave and singer-actress took to her Instagram grid to share a powerful new breakup ballad she’s been working on lately called “Still Have Me.” The song, which makes reference to her feeling “broken” and “finding [her] way back,” after “someone’s stolen all the light I ever had,” is without a doubt about her recent lockdown lover Max Ehrich.

“I’m a mess and I’m still broken/But I’m finding my way back/And it feels like someone’s stolen/All the light I ever had,” Demi sings in the new song.

“I don’t have much but at least I still have me/And that’s all I need/So take my faith but at least I still believe/And that’s all I need,” she sings in the chorus.


Last week, we reported that Demi and Max reportedly had broken up after the pair announced they were engaged just two months prior. In the lead up to the split, sources said Demi’s friends and family were “worried” and “hesitant” about Max, and old tweets resurfaced of the actor simping for Demi’s infamous former friend Selena Gomez

Then, to make things even harder for the “It’s OK not to be OK” singer, Max began making various comments online claiming that he first heard about their breakup from reading it in the papers. Sources said he was “lying,” which left Demi feeling quite “embarrassed.” So, we don’t blame Demi for reclaiming her own power in this situation and turning to what she does best:music. 

You can listen to Demi Lovato’s new song, “Still Have Me,” below. Assumedly, the song will release on Spotify and Apple Music sometime soon. 

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