Charli D’Amelio Reveals How Her New Show Is Similar To KUWTK

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When it was announced that Keeping up With The Kardashians was coming to an end after 20 seasons, we had no idea how we would fill the reality sized chasm in our hearts.

Enter… TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio and their new Hulu series, The D’Amelio Show. 

Like clockwork.

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Charli, 17, and Dixie, 20, shot to fame on TikTok after Charli’s dance videos went viral. Like VIRAL viral.

The sisters have now amassed 123.6 million and 54.7 million followers respectively. So they’re super underground x

Now, Charli and Dixie, along with their parents Marc and Heidi, are fronting Hulu’s new series, The D’Amelio Show, a reality program based on their lives. 

Collectively, they have over 177 million followers 😳. (Credit: Getty)

Considering the format of the show, it’s no surprise that it’s already being likened to KUWTK.

But for Charli and Dixie, they welcome these comparisons.

Speaking to E! News on Thursday, Charli explained how exactly she and Dixie are similar to the Kardashian-Jenner’s.

“I think the thing that we have most in common is that we are so close with our families,” the 17-year-old began.

“They are entrepreneurs and they have been able to turn what they have into these amazing businesses, and I think that that is so awesome, and I think same for us.

“We’re able to do such amazing things and have such a strong group of people around us, supporting us, and I think we’re all super excited to see how this goes.” 

So what exactly is this show going to be about?

And, more importantly, will we be getting a “Kim, there’s people dying” type of scene after one of the D’Amelios loses their diamond earring in the ocean?

Because, if not, we doubt this series will be as iconic as KUWTK.

What is The D’Amelio Show about?

The reality show is about the entire D’Amelio clan – including Charli, Dixie and their parents Heidi and Marc – as they “navigate their sudden rise to fame”, according to Deadline.

When does it premiere?

September 3rd. AKA today. Quick, you better get snacks. 

Where can I watch it?

Hulu, baby.

Will I like it?

Watch and find out! And let us know 👀.

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