Who is Chance Perdomo? Meet the ‘After’ film series’s charming new Landon

Perdomo will replace Shane Paul McGhie as Tessa's best friend.

A new star has just joined the ‘After’ cast! Chance Perdomo is stepping into the role of Landon in the upcoming After sequels, After We Fell and After Ever Happy. The news comes after the sad announcement from the originating actor, Shane Paul McGhie, that he won’t be returning as Landon for the sequels.

The casting decision had already been guessed at by keen After fans, as we previously reported,  though it’s now been confirmed that Perdomo won’t be the only new face joining the sequels.

He’ll also be joined by actress Mira Sorvino, who’ll be taking over for Selma Blair as Tessa’s mom, and True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer, who’ll play Christian Vance, taking over from Charlie Weber.

So what do we know about Perdomo so far? Let’s investigate a little.

Who is Chance Perdomo?

Perdomo is a 23-year-old American-born English actor, who’s currently based in Los Angeles. He did grow up in England though, moving there when he was a child, so yeah the accent is real!

What else has Chance Perdomo been in?

Perdomo played Sabrina’s cousin Ambrose Spellman in the now-cancelled series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. The role of the pansexual warlock was apparently crafted with Perdomo in mind too!

He’s also been in a few other TV and film roles, but Sabrina has been his biggest role so far.

Is Chance Perdomo dating or in a relationship?

The actor keeps his personal life, well, personal! It’s not known is Perdomo has a girlfriendor boyfriend or partner for that matter. He has not discussed his sexuality publicly.


Is Chance Perdomo in Riverdale?

As mentioned, Perdomo is in technically in the extended Riverdale universe, which included Sabrina and the now-cancelled Katy Keene. And he did come very close to starring in Riverdale.

He initially auditioned for the role of Jughead Jones in Riverdale, which ultimately went to Cole Sprouse. However, Riverdale‘s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was so impressed by him, he kept Perdomo in mind when writing the Ambrose character.

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