Bella Hadid’s Boyfriend Made The Greatest Debut On Her Insta

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She was living her best life as a single pringle, which we absolutely loved for her. 

But now, Bella Hadid has a new man in her life and he makes her happier than ever, by the looks of things. 

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After a several turbulent years in an on-again off-again relationship with The Weeknd, Bella finally closed that chapter for good in 2019. 

Almost two years, several romance rumours and a global pandemic later, 24-year-old Bella has gone public with a brand new beau, Marc Kalman. 

Rumours have circled around the pair for several months, with Page Six recently reporting that they’d secretly dated for a year.

But it wasn’t until July 8 that Bella confirmed all with an Instagram post, seemingly referencing her boyfriend in the caption along with several snaps of her trip to France, including one of the couple embracing. 

“Time of my life,” she wrote, adding: “Healthy, Working and Loved.” 

Here, we look at everything there is to know about Bella Hadid’s boyfriend, Marc Kalman. 

Bella and Marc are hella ca-ute! (Instagram)

Who is Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid’s boyfriend?

Marc Kalman is an art director, having been linked to the likes of Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy Travis Scott and artist Corey Damon Black. 

Interestingly, that links Bella to one of her besties Kendall Jenner, who is Kylie’s older sister. Perhaps that was a relationship clincher given Kalman was a familiar name in Hadid’s circle…? 

Bella’s boyfriend is known in the Kardashian circle. (Instagram)

How old is Marc Kalman? 

Marc’s confirmed age isn’t known. However going by his skill-set and successful career path to date, it would be safe to say he’s in his mid to late-20s. 

Bella meanwhile is 24.

When did Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman start dating? 

The couple have been linked together for up to a year, and the pictures seem to back that up. 

Marc and Bella were pictured in various pap shots throughout 2020, though there was nothing to suggest anything romantic was going on between them at the time. 

Since going Instagram official with Marc, a source told E! that Bella is “excited to be seen with him. She is truly so happy right now.”

“[They] have been trying to keep it super low-key and private,” the source started. “But things are changing now that they’re IG official,” the source added. 

Bella and Marc were papped together several times in 2020. (Getty)

Marc Kalman’s Instagram

Marc has an Instagram page, though it’s currently set to private. 

That said, Bella follows her beau. And perhaps as they become a little more established in the public eye, we’ll learn some more info about Marc. 

For now, we’re just chuffed to see Bella in a happy little love bubble. 

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