Everything We Know About DC’s Batgirl

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Hollywood won’t stop and can’t stop churning out superhero movies, and you’d think we’d be totally over it, but what can we tell you – the hero’s journey is our niche.

WATCH: First Footage Of Robert Pattinson As Batman.

While we wait patiently for Robert Pattison’s turn as Batman, we currently have set our sights on DC’s Batgirl.

The gorgeous Leslie Grace will star as Batgirl, who you may know from her work on In The Heights and on the Miss Bala soundtrack.

The movie is currently in production, with filming taking place in moody Glasgow.

While we don’t know much about the project just yet, we’ve managed to track down all the information available – and oh, it’s looking badass.

“Crazy dark.” (Credit: DC Comics)

What is Batgirl about?

The Batgirl movie is about Barbara Gordon – the daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon – who will be played by J.K. Simmons, reprising his Justice League character.

It’s built up as an origin story that will focus on Barbara’s early days in which she transformed into her infamous alter ego.

As if J.K’s involvement wasn’t exciting enough, Michael Keaton is reviving his iconic role as the Batman.

But for those who love ’90s cinema, you’re going to scream when you find out that the legend from The Mummy franchise, Brendan Fraser, is playing the movie’s villain, Firefly! We love a comeback!

During an interview with Marie Claire, Leslie, 27, revealed her storyline is “crazy dark.”

“I can’t say much about what she is going to do, but Batgirl becomes her own hero,” she said, adding: “She feels like people underestimate her as Barbara Gordon, and I relate to that.”

Leslie is taking on the iconic role. (Credit: Instagram)

What does Batgirl look like?

Leslie shared a sneak peek at her costume when she posted a picture of herself in the look on her socials.

Her dark blue superhero suit features a gold utility belt, cape, bat sprawled across her chest and the famous bat mask. 

She accompanied the post with a caption that featured a quote from the comic Batgirl: Year One.

Leslie wrote: “I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me…

“And when their guard is down, and their pride is rising, let me kick their b***s.” – Batgirl, Year One #Batgirl.”

Leslie rocking her Batgirl costume. (Credit: Twitter)

When can we watch Batgirl?

The project doesn’t have a release date but will likely come out later this year.

Where can we watch Batgirl in Australia?

Batgirl is going straight onto streaming services, and it will be released on HBO Max, which means in Australia, it will make its way onto BINGE.

Watch your favourite superhero movies on BINGE, live and on-demand with a 14-day free trial. Start Watching here. 

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