Ariana Grande just teased new music and it sounds heavenly

Is our girl Ari about to drop a new album? Her recent posts say yes.

A year ago, Ariana Grande released thank u next, the iconic post-breakup album about self-love, acceptance and moving on. And, as of the last 24 hours, it seems the former Disney star is about to drop new music and we can’t wait!

Over on her Instagram, the 27-year-old singer teased a new track that’s in the works, and it sounds like it could only have been recorded in a studio in Heaven. In a super short blink and you’ll miss it clip, captioned “brb,” Grande shared a second of the new song in production, featuring an array of angelic sounds, including her soft and beautiful vocals, plenty of yuhs and what we think we hear is a ukulele on chords? 

Have a listen for yourself below:


Damn, right? And, naturally, we’re not the only ones in love with the lil teaser. Upon listening to the excerpt, Troye Sivan said Ari has “my favourite voice.” Another user commented, “I imagine this is how it sounds in heaven.”

Troye Sivan
Ariana Grande's Instagram post

To add more to the mystery, Ari shared this cryptic message on Twitter that some fans think could be a line in the new song: “know my love infinite nothing that I won’t do.” Then, her producer Tommy Brown used the very same line to caption a new post—which Ari liked. It all seems quite suss if you ask us…


If this certainly is part of the new song or album or even the tone that Ari’s new music is heading, we might be looking at another iconic anthem to get us through 2020, next to her and Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me” and her self-isolation anthem with Justin Bieber, “Stuck with U.


Ariana Grande also previously revealed that she and Doja Cat collaborated on a song together. 

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