EXCLUSIVE: Alli Simpson On How She Learned To Deal With Constant Change

We chat to the I’m A Celebrity star fresh off her shocking elimination.

Last night, fans said goodbye to singer-actress Alli Simpson on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. In an elimination against her fellow campmates, Colin Fassnidge and Robbert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico, the trio were tasked with sticking their hand in a box of eels and guessing how many were in it. 

WATCH: Alli Simpson is ejected from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

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“Col[in], that challenge with you was honestly one of the highlights of my whole time [here],” Simpson said as they were stuck frozen in their chairs. “Dip, you light up every single day in camp and it’s just been a pleasure getting to know both of you.”

When it was revealed that the “Why I’m Single” performer guessed a number furthest from how many eels were actually in the box, she was shockingly evicted—or rather, ejected—into the pond. And yet, despite the startling goodbye, this isn’t what Simpson will be remembered for. In fact, she’s had a great run on the show, forced herself to confront her fears of bugs, swam through icy cold waters, and opened up about her relationship with her older brother, Cody Simpson. 

To commemorate her departure, Girlfriend chatted to the 22-year-old I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star about the show, her friendship with co-star Abbie Chatfield and what advice she’d give to those of us dealing with constant change and a new environment. 

As someone who’s moved around a lot during their teens, what advice do you have for young girls who are dealing with constant change and a new environment?

“Being a young girl, it is really scary and intimidating, especially when you’re younger and have insecurities,” Simpson told us. “You can really work yourself up and play things out in your head of how you think things will go.”

“But when you cross the line, it’s actually not that bad,” she reassured. “Things that I’ve gone through when there’s been change involved have actually helped me as a person and grow as a person.”

“It’s important to tell ourselves that change is good. I’m only 22 but looking back at my teenage years, I’m thankful for all of those changes.”

What keeps you grounded?

“My family keeps me grounded,” Simpson said. “I moved to America when I was so young, but was lucky enough to go with my two brothers and my parents.”

“Even when Cody [Simpson] was on tour, we still did everything and we stayed grounded. We never lost sight of the grounded nature we have as Australians, too.”

What’s something you wish you knew about yourself before entering I’m A Celebrity?

“I think I underestimated my strength. If I knew how strong I’d be, I would have gone in with more of a positive attitude and mindset.”

On the show, you built a sisterhood with Abbie Chatfield. How would you define your friendship with her?

“With Abbie, we went into it sort of knowing each other first,” Simpson explained. “We talked to each other on Instagram first because we had a few mutual friends. That was kind of a nice ice breaker.”

“My friendship with her is definitely different to most of my girlfriends only because of the way we were exposed to each other. We went through so many hard things together, and I think that added a nice element to it.”

“It’s so important to draw strength from your girlfriends and other women, and Abbie is so confident and vulnerable with who she is as a person. I get so much from that.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here airs at 7:30 every night on Channel 10.

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