EXCLUSIVE: After We Fell’s Josephine Langford Reveals Why The Steamy Hot Tub Scene Was Actually “Dangerous”

Plus, she reveals what she would change about her time in the After franchise.
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It started off as a Wattpad fanfiction about none other than Mr. Harry Styles himself, before author of the After franchise Anna Scott secured herself a book and movie deal. Dare we say it, a girlboss move?

WATCH: After We Fell | Official Trailer | Amazon Exclusive

The third film in the series, After We Fell, is due to be released this Friday, with the fourth one, After Ever Happy, having already wrapped filming.

Josephine Langford, 24, who has been playing the female lead of Tessa Young since 2019, tells GF just how involved the author Anna has been when it comes to getting her story on the big screen.

“She was very involved in the first and the second one – she was on set every day as a producer. She wasn’t with the third and the fourth, on set,” the actress explains.

GF caught up with Josephine Langford to talk about After We Fell. (Credit: Supplied)

“We had a very small number of people with us in Bulgaria because of COVID, but it was great obviously to have the author of the novels and the source material there to make sure you’re doing it right.”

Although the end of the franchise is in sight, there is a spin-off in the works which follows the lives of *spoiler alert… seriously you’ve been warned* Tessa and Hardin Scott’s children.

And while the OG characters are reported to make cameos in the show, Josephine and her co-star Hero Finnes-Tiffin (who plays Hardin) will not be reprising their roles.

For the actress, the final two films, which they shot back-to-back, were the most rewarding to film.

After We Fell sees the end of Josephine and Hero (pictured) in the roles of Tessa and Hardin. (Credit: Supplied)

“I really enjoyed some of the scenes that we got to get into. Hardin and Tessa are in a different stage of their life – it’s more adult stage and so I enjoyed doing that, just some of the more adult scenes or adult content.”

As well as there being more adult themes in After We Fell, there were also scenes that proved nerve-wracking to film. Josephine recounts the briefing for *that* hot tub scene that fans saw in the trailer, which left her quite intimidated prior to shooting.

“We were warned beforehand about how cold it was going to be. It was going to be dangerously, unhealthily, cold that they were going to have to have a doctor on set and a warming tent,” the actress tells GF.

Josephine and Hero were told that filming the hot tub scene was going to be so cold that they would need a doctor and warming tent on set. (Credit: Supplied)

She continues: “We were told that we probably wouldn’t be able to make it through the night. So, when someone repeatedly tells you that, you start off laughing, and then you stop laughing after a certain point.”

Luckily for all involved, Josephine assures us it all ended up being fine in the end.

Having been involved in the making of the franchise since 2019, the 24-year-old has learned a lot since she first stepped into the role of Tessa, telling GF that there are perhaps some things she would change about her time in the series if she got the chance.

“I would probably share my opinion when I could and not share my opinion when I shouldn’t have,” she considers.

You can stream After We Fell on Amazon Prime.

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