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Hessa drama incoming.
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After fans have been looooong awaiting the third instalment of the widely popular franchise. And now, we finally have an official date for After We Fell. 

Watch the trailer below and keep reading for the release date reveal:

It’s been almost a year since Anna Todd’s After We Collided hit our screens and fans have been desperate to see what happens next with Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin).

Back in July, the internet collectively lost it when a *very* steamy trailer for the film was dropped. And while an initial release date was also given, COVID had other plans.

But after a few delays, Amazon Prime has announced the new release date via their official Instagram. All we can say is, whoever is behind the account truly knows their target audience, posting a picture that said: “Thirsty Content: May contain exciting release date. Swipe to reveal.”

Oh… swipe we did Amazon, swipe we did

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about After We Fell.

After We Fell’s first trailer was super steamy.

When will After We Fell be released?

After We Fell is set to hit Aussie screens on October 22nd.

That is 39 days… not that we’re counting or anything.

The third instalment delves into some dark themes as Hardin and Tessa face some tough decisions.

What is the plot of After We Fell? 

Expect After We Fell to pick right up after Collided‘s cliffhanger ending where Tessa’s estranged father comes back into the picture. Tessa attempts to reconnect with her dad while also juggling with her move to Seattle and trying to hold onto Hardin. 

As the trailer depicts, the pair are on different paths, with Hardin declaring his desire to move to the UK. 

Between intimate scenes of the couple, they also grapple with family revelations and faithfulness as lust, wonder, and the great unknown seep into their hard-fought relationship. 

Expect some major twists and turns from After We Fell.

How can I watch After We Fell in Australia? 

While the film was originally coming to theatres, COVID clearly was not a fan of the franchise as lockdown has forced many cinemas across the country to close.

So, the film is now playing in select theatres only (i.e. in places not currently in lockdown). Check out your local cinemas to see if this applies to you.

For Hessa fans currently stuck at home, don’t fret, you can still watch the film on Amazon Prime. The streaming platform also houses the first two movies in the franchise, you know, if you want to scrub up on your knowledge beforehand. 

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