EXCLUSIVE: Josephine Langford Dishes On Her & Hero’s Kissing Scene Ritual

Plus, she reveals which of the After boys she'd date IRL.
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Josephine Langford has been playing the character of Tessa Young in the After franchise since 2019, with the third film, After We Fell, due to be released this Friday.

Considering the cast and crew shot the fourth film, After Ever Happy, back-to-back with the third, the Australian actress is finally saying goodbye to the character she’s been playing for three years.

WATCH: After We Fell | Official Trailer | Amazon Exclusive

For Josephine, 24, the end of the era is “bittersweet”.

“I’m glad that we got to finish the stories and the fans have something to look forward to, but it’s sad because we’re not going to be able to see our wonderful cast and crew again,” she tells Girlfriend.

Although this is the end for Josephine and her co-star Hero Finnes-Tiffin (who plays Hardin Scott in the franchise), After will live on in the form of a spin-off which involves *spoiler alert… seriously you’ve been warned* Tessa and Hardin’s children.

While the OG characters are reported to make cameos in the show, Josephine and Hero will not be reprising their roles. Despite them taking a step away from the series, when asked what she wants to happen next for Tessa, Josephine tells us she has an idea in mind, and it’s all thanks to her co-star.

The third and fourth After films will be the last time Josephine (pictured) appears in the role of Tessa. (Credit: Supplied)

“Hero said something the other day and the more I thought about it, I agree. He says that we should see them in the future on a beach in Hawaii or somewhere nice and tropical because I think he wants to shoot there. So, I’m just going to write a story with all the places I want to visit so I can travel there,” Josephine says.

Of course, most After fans would agree that Tessa and Hardin are end game, but as for who of the YA boys Josephine would rather date IRL, she has chosen not to go for the bad boy, and it’s for a very particular reason.

“I feel like I couldn’t take Hardin because he belongs to Tessa. It would be odd dating Landon because he belongs to Nora. So, I think I’m just going to have to go with Trevor,” she says.

Josephine tells GF that she and Hero developed a ritual after their kissing scenes. (Credit: Supplied)

On-screen, however, is a different story, with Tessa and Hardin having quite the steamy love affair. Sorry, Trevor.

Josephine divulges to GF that she and Hero ended up developing a tradition after some of their more intimate scenes.

“We (she and Hero) started to get a bit of a ritual after some of the kissing scenes of just going ‘good job team’,” the 24-year-old explains.

As for how the actress managed to relate to Tessa as a character, at first Josephine struggles to draw comparisons, jokingly saying: “I think we look the same.”

Josephine relates to Tessa through their shared “curiosity for life and love of learning”. (Credit: Supplied)

But then, after some more thought, the actress settles on a different answer. “I think our curiosity for life and love of learning, I think we’re similar in that regard. And I think we’re both probably very hopeful, idealistic people.”

She manages to draw comparisons between Hero and his character of Hardin as well, saying: “I think they’re both fiercely respectable people who say it straight and tell it how it is, and I think they’re both people very deserving of respect.”

You can stream After We Fell on Amazon Prime.

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