Yes, there is a shot of Hardin Scott’s butt in ‘After We Collided’

Twitter is losing it over Hardin/Hero's bare butt.

We can confirm that the newly released After sequel After We Collided does, in fact, have a full shot of Hardin Scott’s butt. Well, maybe it’s our boy Hero Fiennes Tiffin‘s butt depending on how you’re looking at things. And fans certainly are enjoying the view, voicing their delight on Twitter of course.

The butt scene in After We Collided comes during *that* scene when Hardin is getting dressed.  In the scene, roles are flipped and, instead of Tessa baring skin, it’s the 22-year-old actor getting his, um… assets out. Kind of surprising we haven’t yet seen it before, given the steamy scenes the films are known for. After fans headed to Twitter to celebrate the moment, and even the film’s official account joked about their obsession.

That said, not everyone was too pleased about the flood of butt enthusiasts clogging up the timeline. One user wrote, “who put Hardin Scott’s ass on my tl” with an unamused emoji.

That said, given the pretty dark nature of the relationship Tessa and Hardin have, we can hardly blame anyone for getting excited about a lighter moment in these films. Some fans are speculating that now a third and fourth film in the After series have officially been announced that there might be even more revealing scenes to come.

While we wait for Hessa’s eventual return, enjoy some tweets from the week’s silliest Twitter phenomenon.


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