‘After We Collided’ actor Shane Paul McGhie won’t be returning for the sequels

Fans also reckon they already know who has been recast as Landon.

After We Collided may have only just been freshly released, but our favourite acting duo is already back in the saddle and hard at work. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin are currently in *checks notes* Bulgaria, of all places, filming the third instalment in the After film series based on Anna Todd’s book series of the same name. Given the wild success of After We Collided at the box office, we’re not at all surprised to see that adoring fans—known affectionately as Afternators—are getting excited about the new ‘Hero and Jo’ content.

In the new pics and videos, Langford smiles and does a little jig, waving at someone. Tiffin, meanwhile, even goes as far as walking over to a barrier on the edge of the set to have a chat with fans. “I hope you love the movie,” he says in one cute video, “Take care!”

We don’t know much about how After We Fell is managing the safety of its cast and crew while shooting during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Langford and Tiffin do sport masks in some pictures and carry clear hand-held face shields, but the intimate scenes…? We’re hoping it’s more along the careful lines of Malcolm and Marie rather than the Riverdale mouthwash situation, especially since production of Riverdale has been halted again.


The new After We Fell set pictures arrived after a core member of the cast announced their departure from the franchise. Shane Paul McGhie, who played Landon in the series, won’t be coming back for the sequels. “It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing I will not be filming in Bulgaria,” he wrote in an Instagram story. “We could not come to an agreement and I had to make a really tough call. I had to stand up for me, the way that Landon would.”

“I am so grateful to you all for welcoming me into the After family and for supporting me along this incredible journey,” he continued. “I have felt your love from around the world and that has been the biggest blessing and honour. I have seen how, for a lot of you, After has changed your lives and been a light during dark times.”

Many Afternators are speculating this could be a case of unequal treatment between the white and Black members of the cast, and there are certainly echoes of John Boyega‘s recent sentiments in his message to fans. He concluded the post with a sweet message to the After fandom.
“Please welcome the actor who replaces me and treat him with the respect and love you’ve been giving me since the first day I was first brought on.”

While there’s no official confirmation yet on who will play Landon in the upcoming sequels, some fans believe that Chance Perdomo will take up the role. You might recognise the American-born English actor from the CW series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


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