Olivia Rodrigo & Rumoured BF Adam Faze Are “Really Cute” Actually

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Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour truly blessed our ears with the breakup music we didn’t know we needed.

As we cathartically listened to her lyrics of heartbreak and sadness, gazing wistfully out windows and embracing our own main character syndrome, we couldn’t help but wonder: Would Olivia find love again? 

The answer, it seems, is yes. 

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Olivia Rodrigo is rumoured to be dating a brand new muse, Adam Faze – and according to our research, the couple don’t look like they’re just a, well… phase. 

The pair dropped the first major hint that something was brewing in the luurve department at the Space Jam premiere in June when the 18-year-old singer apparently introduced Adam as her boyfriend.

At the event, onlookers reported that the pair were looking extra cosy together, with one telling E! News that they looked “really cute, but not too overly touchy”. 

Then in July, PEOPLE secured pap pics of the pair sharing a sweet smooch, all but confirming things were a-go between the pair. 

So now that things seem a little more certain, our next mission is clear: Who is the guy that’s stolen our queen Olivia’s heart?

Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about Adam Faze. 

Adam Faze is all-but certainly Olivia’s new BF! (Getty)

Who is Adam Faze? 

Adam Faze is a Hollywood producer, writer and director. 

Yep, he’s quite the talent, and obvs a perfect match for the super talented Olivia Rodrigo. 

He currently owns and runs a production company with his work partner Jamie Dolan. 

He’s also not afraid of speaking for himself. In 2017, he wrote in Forbes magazine that he was a “storyteller and creative entrepreneur focused on one thing and one thing only: the future of entertainment”. 

Olivia and Adam have been dating for a few months, according to reports. (Getty)

What is Adam Faze’s age?

Adam Faze is 24-years-old.

Let’s also just pair that with the fact that he runs an entire production company, has written and directed various projects and founded and debuted an event series, named Chateau Savant at Cannes Film Festival this year. 

Yep, he’s definitely a go-getter. Props to him. 

When did Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Faze get together?

The pair reportedly dated for a few months before becoming “serious” in July 2021. 

According to E! News, they met through industry friends. 

“It’s only been a few months, but she seems really happy with him and they are definitely dating exclusively and getting serious,” a source explained. 

We’re so happy for her. (Getty)

Does Adam Faze have Instagram?

Adam appears to have an Instagram, but his account is on private. 

Several publications report the producer went private when he began dating Olivia Rodrigo, which totally makes sense given they no doubt wanted to keep their relationship low key while they got to know each other. 

Olivia does follow Adam’s private account alongside other young A-list celebs including Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka and the rebooted Gossip Girl‘s Whitney Peak. 

Have Adam Faze and Olivia Rodrigo gone public?

While PEOPLE’s pap pics definitely suggest things are a-go, neither have yet said anything publicly about each other.

Olivia’s Instagram remains a boyfriend-free space, while Adam has kept tight lipped. 

But stay tuned, perhaps a follow-up album to Sour about falling in love is a-coming from Rodrigo herself – after all, the rumours have already started on that front… 

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