These Are The Hottest Young Stars You Totally Forgot Were Aussies

From Dacre Montgomery, to Montaigne!
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Dacre Montgomery, Troye Sivan and Montaigne are big names now, but before they were famous they were regular Aussies like the rest of us.

It’s easy to forget that plenty of A-list actors and musicians grew up in the same cities and towns we call home.

WATCH: Montaigne performs Technicolour for Eurovision 2021

With so many actors adopting American accents for movies, we can be quick to assume these fresh-faced young stars are US natives.

Meanwhile the musicians are easy to mistake for international talents, given how hard it is to pick up on someone’s accent when they’re singing.

(Unless that someone is Matty Healy from The 1975. His singing voice might actually sound MORE British than his speaking voice.)

We’ve hunted down all the coolest, most talented and influential stars you totally forgot were Aussies, and some will definitely surprise you.

These are the Aussies taking over Hollywood and the music industry. (Credit: Instagram)

The actors

Adelaide Kane

She was born in Perth, WA, and stared out on Neighbours, but in the years since her soapie debut, Adelaide has added plenty of big roles to her resume. From teen dramas like Reign and Teen Wolf, to movie projects like Cosmic Sin, this girl is making a name for herself. She’s also something of a bi-con (bisexual icon) and has gained a huge following on TikTok, where she shares cute clips with her model girlfriend.

Adelaide Kane was born in Perth and made a name for herself on teen dramas. (Credit: Instagram)

BeBe Bettencourt

There’s no denying BeBe’s popularity is growing after she starred in the new series Eden, which is now streaming on Stan. She’s the daughter of Aussie rocker Suze DeMarchi, who was the Baby Animals frontwoman, and Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. But the 25-year-old’s gaining some star power of her own as an actress, playing Hedwig in Eden in 2021 and schoolgirl Ellie in The Dry in 2020.

BeBe is a rising Aussie star, and her new series Eden is out now. (Credit: Instagram)

Brenton Thwaites

You may know him as Dick Grayson/Robin on Titans or Henry Turner, son of Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean. Either way, Brenton is making a name for himself in Hollywood as a rising Aussie star and a total hottie. Born in Cairns, Queensland, he first rose to popularity on (you guessed it) Home and Away.

Dacre Montgomery

He’s handsome, talented and very much Australian! Born in Perth, WA, his parents are from Canada and New Zealand but Dacre considers himself a proud Aussie. He began acting when he was nine and was named “the most likely student to become a Hollywood star” in year 12. His classmates were right; Dacre was cast in Power Rangers and as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things in 2017 and his star has been rising ever since.

Dacre is a big hit with young women because… well, look at him. (Credit: Instagram)

Jacob Elordi

He probably needs no introduction, but for those who don’t know Jacob Elordi is beloved for his role in The Kissing Booth movies. The 24-year-old played a less loveable character in Euphoria, but definitely proved his acting chops on the gritty show for HBO. Keep an eye on this Brisbane-born star – we have a feeling his popularity is only going to grow in the years ahead.


Keiynan Lonsdale

Recognise this handsome face? He first hit our radars when he starred in the ABC series Dance Academy, but since then he’s moved onto much bigger projects like The CW series The Flash and the gay coming-of-age movie Love, Simon. Oh, and did we mention he makes music too? Born in Sydney to a Nigerian father and Aussie mum, we know the 29-year-old is going to keep kicking goals.


Sophie Wilde

BeBe isn’t the only actress making a name for herself on EdenIvorian-Australian star Sophie Wilde also starred in the series, as well as some upcoming projects that haven’t been released yet but are sure to show off her acting chops. She’s definitely one to watch.

Sophie is also making a name for herself in the new series Eden. (Credit: Instagram)

The singers and musicians


He’s pretty much the biggest new artist right now, but you may be surprised to learn that The Kid LAROI is a born and bred Aussie. Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard (that’s his real name) was born in Sydney, New South Wales and comes from an Indigenous Australian background. He’s from the Kamilaroi people and his own great-great-grandfather was part of the stolen generation. The 17-year-old is definitely going to go far, having already worked with the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus at just 17.



Born Jessica Alyssa Cerro in Sydney, singer Montaigne had been producing music for years before she was chosen in 2020 to represent Australia at Eurovision that year. The song contest was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, but Montaigne returned with her song Technicolour in 2021 and made it to the semi-finals. Keep an eye out for her new music too.

Montaigne represented Australia at Eurovision this year. (Credit: Instagram)

Tones and I

Who can forget when Dance Monkey was the only song played on Aussie radios for months on end? Tones and I, AKA Toni Watson, was behind the hit track, which skyrocketed to number one in over 30 countries and surprised plenty of listeners who assumed she was American. The four-time ARIA award-winning singer just released a new album, Welcome to the Madhouse, and we have a feeling she has plenty more bangers up her sleeve.

Troye Sivan

He was one of the first big Aussie artists to be discovered on YouTube, but fans of Troye Sivan who have only heard his newer tracks may not realise the 26-year-old is Australian. Performing with the likes of Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, he’s become a queer icon for plenty of young Aussies and also branched out to acting, starring in films like Boy Erased and Spud. 

Troye Sivan is a queer Aussie music icon. (Credit: Instagram)

Did we miss someone? Shoot over an email if you think there’s an Aussie star that should be on this list.

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