Contrary to the reports, Bella Hadid is NOT dating Jack Nicholson’s grandson

All work and no play means these two aren’t a thing after all 😞

Bella Hadid has a new man—or does she?

Earlier this week, rumours surfaced that 24-year-old model Bella Hadid was reportedly seeing Jack Nicholson’s grandson, Duke Nicholson. Sources allegedly told Page Six that the famed model and new auntie was “quietly dating” a new man. The LA insider claimed that the pair had been spending time together since late last month, with Nicholson celebrating Hadid’s recent 24th birthday before she went on an “all-girls island getaway.” 


But, as of today, Bella Hadid’s representatives have shot down the rumoured romance. “Bella and Duke are not dating,” they succinctly said. “They met once through mutual friends but have not been in touch since.” Well, talk about a disappointment. I guess all work and no play means these two can’t be a thing after all 😞

But, with that in mind, who exactly is Duke Nicholson, the man that people romantically linked Bella Hadid to?

Who is Duke Nicholson?

Duke Nicholson is the 21-year-old grandson of legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson (The Shining, As Good As It Gets) and an up-and-coming actor and model himself.

Per The Cut, Nicholson was born on the 4th of August, 1999, and starred as Norman F*cking Rockwell on the cover of Lana Del Ray’s album of the same name. He also played a small role in Jordan Peele’s Us.

Duke Nicholson on the cover of Lana Del Ray's Norman F*cking Rockwell

It isn’t particularly surprising why people thought Duke Nicholson and Bella Hadid are dating. Duke Nicholson is friends with some of the same crowd as Bella Hadid. 

In one of the only photos with another person on his profile, model and actor Luka Sabbat shared a pic of him and his “4 lyferr” bestie, Duke Nicholson. For reference, Sabbat is good pals with the Hadids and Kardashians and amongst the young model clique. 

Anyway, in the post, Nicholson, holding a plastic cup of beer, sported what we’re officially calling The Lumberjack look: a red plaid shirt, grizzly grown out beard and wild-grown curly hair. In another pic which looks like the morning after the night depicted in the pic prior, he wore what looks like a blue jumper and an exhausting hangover.

How long have Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson been dating?

Sadly, the rumours were untrue. Model Bella Hadid and actor Duke Nicholson are not dating. As Hadid’s reps said earlier, “they met once through mutual friends but have not been in touch since.”

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