Harry Styles teases new music with Easter Eggs and it’s giving Taylor Swift

Don't be shy Haz, drop HS3.
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Harry Styles’ marketing team really said: let’s spend all of our Watermelon Sugar coin on the campaign for this album. And we are loving every second.

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It appears that British musician Harry Styles, 28, has taken a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book and is dropping many, MANY, Easter Eggs for his next record, temporarily dubbed HS3.

When a cryptic website called youarehome.co appeared out of thin air, it didn’t taken long for investigative Harries to realise it was linked to the Don’t Worry Darling actor

Don’t be shy… drop HS3. (Credit: Getty)

The site in question leads to an image of a door. When you hover your mouse over it, it reveals an image… which changes every day.

Invested stans have uncovered that the images correspond to a different book or theme. We get it, you read Harry. What a pick me boy 🙄.

The first door appeared on March 19. Lurking behind it was the cover of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature and Selected Essays. The following day it was Haruki Murakami’s The Wine-Up Bird Chronicle. The third day it was a photo of Earth. And the fourth day it was Cavallini’s mushroom puzzle (…it’s giving lockdown). 

On March 22, Harry also followed the verified You Are Home Instagram and Twitter pages, further adding credence to the rumours that this something to do with HS3.

As each new clue drops, fans have been desperately trying to piece together what they all mean. 

Apart from these Easter Eggs, we’ve also seen Harry filming what is presumed to be an upcoming music video in which he is literally atop a bed rolling outside Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is a Harry stan: confirmed 😍😍.

What’s more, when announcing his rescheduled Love On Tour dates overseas (cries in Australian), the Sign of the Times singer ~confirmed~ he’s adding to his discography.

“I will be sharing more news soon about shows across the globe, and new music,” the Aquarius wrote.

Considering he will be headlining Coachella in April, perhaps he’ll drop a new tune at the festival. Stay tuned.

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