Is Harry Styles’ new single really an April Fool’s joke?

No one talk to us for the rest of the day.
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Harry Styles has announced his next single is coming in three days so no one talk to us until then.

WATCH: Harry Styles Teases Third Album ‘Harry’s House’

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter took to Instagram on Tuesday morning (AKA: When Aussie Harries were sleeping) to announce the title of the first single off his third solo album.

Sharing three pictures of his back (which honestly looked like photo instructions on how to stretch) while donning a red, sparkly number, the caption simply read: “As It Was. April 1.”

Aries’ season wins 😩.

HS3 era incoming 😍. (Credit: Getty)

However the announcement understandably came with plenty of scepticism, considering the date the single is supposed to drop. 

Twitter in particularly went into a frenzy over whether or not Mr Styles had devised an April Fool’s Day prank for the first day of the month. 

The announcement comes five days after the Brit dropped key art and the name of his third album, Harry’s House, which is dropping on May 20.

It followed a lengthy marketing campaign, ala Taylor Swift, featuring many Easter Eggs

When a cryptic website called youarehome.co appeared out of thin air, it didn’t taken long for investigative Harries to realise it was linked to the Don’t Worry Darling actor

The site in question lead to an image of a door. When you hover your mouse over it, it revealed an image… which changed every day.

Invested stans soon uncovered that the images correspond to a different book or theme. We get it, you read Harry. What a pick me boy 🙄.

The first door appeared on March 19. Lurking behind it was the cover of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature and Selected Essays. The following day it was Haruki Murakami’s The Wine-Up Bird Chronicle. The third day it was a photo of Earth. And the fourth day it was Cavallini’s mushroom puzzle (…it’s giving lockdown). 

On March 22, Harry also followed the verified You Are Home Instagram and Twitter pages, further adding credence to the rumours that this had something to do with HS3.

More recently, a plethora of co-ordinates appeared behind the door which, once decoded, became a list of cities presumed to be tour stops.

On the list were Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – so Aussie Harries we stay winning 😍.

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