Two ‘Vampire Diaries’ stars just went in on each other on Twitter

This is not the Twitter feud we expected to see today!
Hey 'V Wars' producers, can you find a role for Paul Wesley too?

In a wild turn of events, two Vampire Diaries stars have gotten “Alaric” trending again after getting into a Twitter spat during the recent Vice Presidential debate. The drama kicked off between former stars of The Vampire Diaries, Matthew Daviswho still plays Alaric Saltzman in the spin-off series Legaciesand Paul Wesley, aka Stefan Salvatore.

It began when Davis appeared to express a bit of support for the current Republican Vice President Mike Pence, tweeting, “It’d be nice if the moderator would stop interrupting Pence and let him finish his point.” (In actual fact, like the Presidential Debate, both Trump and Pence were the ones interrupting their debate partners and the moderator.)

Vampire Diaries tweets

Wesley replied, writing, “It would also be nice if Pence answered the question he was originally asked rather than deflecting.”

Davis then took aim at Wesley’s previous track record of political support. “Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers, just like he did in 2016,” wrote Davis, referencing Wesley’s open support of Hilary Clinton in 2016. “Your opinion on the matter carries little weight as far as I’m concerned. Next,” he continued.

“You’re mistaken!” Wesley wrote back. “I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016.” He followed that up by writing, “Alaric drank some vervain he’s losing it.” In case you don’t recall all your TVD lore, dw we know it’s been a while, vampires who consumed the herb vervain would become weak.

For his part, David hasn’t explicitly said he’s voting for Trump. He has, however, been retweeting videos of him as well as news about people who come out and endorse him.


Davis replied to the vervain tweet with: “Yawn.” Wesley then replied, “Lighten up baby boy u know u miss me.”

In response, David screen-capped and posted some nasty messages he’d been receiving amidst the Twitter feud, telling Wesley, “Your fans are super classy … You must be proud.”

Paul called the screencaps “low hanging fruit,” adding, “Why would I be proud/condone that? You’re better than that Ernesto. Screen grabbing garbage and tweeting at me won’t buy you any points.”

Hooooo boy. Lot going on here! Coming for the ‘fans’ who are more likely just anonymous Twitter troll accounts? Not a cute look. Davis has now deleted all his tweets from the exchange, except for the “Yawn” comment. Wesley’s however are still all up. It seems like he tried to end things on a softer note, tweeting “@ImMatthewDavis love you buddy.”

Fans in his replies whoever weren’t so convinced, with some jokingly replying, “Paul, it’s okay, we don’t like him anyway.” We’re glad at least someone is finding some amusement in this! 😅

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