Tyler Posey has started an Only Fans

“I did it. Join me ;)”

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has followed in his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne’s shoes and started an Only Fans account. But, perhaps the weirdest news from it all is that Bella is directing all of his content???


The Now Apocalypse actor and PVMNTS guitarist announced the news on his socials overnight with a video montage of him at his best: not knowing what a shirt is. In the video, Tyler cycles between his life as an actor, director and musician, showing off some fun photoshoots, short films and projects he’s been working on.

And, based on the little teaser, we suspect that his exclusive OF service will feature fun, encouraging messages to his fans, some behind the scenes clips, new music and yes, shirtless pics. This is Tyler Posey we’re talking about here.


Shortly after the news broke, Bella Thorne, who was previously under fire for her own Only Fans and capitalising off a platform that’s given sex workers a stable income during this pandemic, shared a shirtless pic of Tyler on her Instagram Stories. Then, she posted a montage of some of the fun and flirty content on the site—including an almost naked cooking show and Prince-style photoshoot—before revealing she directed all of his forthcoming Only Fans content.

Sharing a shirtless pic of Tyler, Bella wrote: “Tyler Posey got an Only Fans?!? And I directed all his content!?” The pair know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and it’s working. 


“Welcome to my Only Fans, I play guitar in my bare ass,” Posey sings, posing for the camera while sitting cross legged and naked on a stool with a guitar on his lap. “Hang with me and we’ll be best friends. It’s my Only Fans.” 

Although, according to some fans who’ve already subscribed, what Posey is offering is “sooo boring.” Nothing. Nyada. As good as stale bread. You get the idea.


Earlier this year, Tyler Posey shared a thirst trap to raise awareness about mental health. You can find out more about his Only Fans account and whether it’s worth the follow by checking out the full video announcement below.


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