Here’s Why Fans Think Taylor Swift Is Dropping 1989 Sooner Than Expected

It's nearly Christmas but Miss Swift can't stop dropping Easter Eggs.
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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is the queen of an Easter Egg – just take one look at her Look What You Made Me Do music video… actually, you’ll need much more than one look to decipher all those secret messages. 

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Because of her proclivity for cryptic teasers, Taylor can nary move a muscle without fans assuming it’s a teaser for something she has in the works.

And now, with the musician joining TikTok… Blondie’s comments section is one giant cocktail of speculation.

Over the weekend, after seeing that her song Wildest Dreams was trending on TikTok, marketing genius Taylor jumped on to provide her version of the song (aka the one not owned by Big Machine Records – her old recording label). 

To promote the new sound, Taylor made a TikTok. Take a look below.

In the TikTok, Taylor is donning a white T-Shirt, blue overalls with a bun and her iconic Red ring (that she reportedly wore when she wrote the album – and gifted a similar one to her pal, Olivia Rodrigo).

The caption reads: “You set a date in November with Red but then someone mentions 1989.”

Queue the musician painting her nails red and looking over her shoulder to a different version of herself. The second Taylor’s is wearing a blue dress with black sunglasses, and her hair is flowing over her shoulders.

The TikTok then glitches and flashes back to overall-Taylor before jumping back to blue-dress-Taylor who takes her sunglasses off and winks at the camera. 

You may be thinking ‘OK cool, TikTok glitches sometimes. What of it?’. Well, the Swifties in the comments would have to disagree with you, as they have been trained to understand that *nothing* is an accident when it comes to Miss. Swift. 

Intentional glitch or not, we just can’t wait for the 10 minute version of All Too Well. (Credit: TikTok | @taylorswift)

“I know the glitch is her up to something. Taylor I don’t have time I’m sorry im exhausted,” one user commented.

Another was similarly confused, writing: “IS THE GLITCH A PAID ACTOR OR AN ACTUAL GLITCH I NEED ANSWERS.”

“WHAT IF THIS GLITCH MEANS SHE’S GONNA RELEASE 1989 WITH RED AKA HER DISRUPTING THE ERA,” another user commented, to which over 20,000 people liked.

Another pointed out that the potential Easter Egg reminded them of a similar glitch in Taylor’s Bad Blood music video (specifically at 3:05) – which was also a single on Taylor’s album, 1989.

“ARE WE IN 1989 AND RED ERA AT THE SAME TIME??” another questioned.

Taylor is due to rerelease Red in November. (Credit: Getty)

This kind of speculation carried on for comments and comments and comments.

All we can say is, if this glitch is purely *just* a glitch, then Miss. Swift is so powerful for unintentionally sending her fans into a frenzy over a technical issue.

And if it’s not a glitch… then we really won’t be surprised. Taylor is one smart cookie, after all.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for Taylor to release Red in November, then we may finally get some answers. 

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