Taylor Swift Is Releasing Red Sooner Than Expected & We’re Not All Too Well

Forget Christmas, we're counting down to when Blondie is dropping her next album.
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Taylor Swift has announced she’s releasing her version of Red earlier than anticipated and we’re truly the lucky ones.

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As always, while Australian Swifties were soundly sleeping, dreaming of confronting Jake Gyllenhaal for breaking Taylor’s heart, Blondie decided to drop the bombshell that she’s decided to give us Red a week earlier. 

So now Christmas has officially been moved from the 25th of December to November 12th. Mark your calendars.

Mark your calendars. (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, while the four emojis ending the Tweet could have just meant Taylor was in a “silly, goofy mood”, true Swifties know by now that the musician never does anything by accident.

Speculation quickly grew that Taylor is planning on releasing a music video for her hit song All Too Well. Why, you may ask?

Well the red scarf emoji is presumed to represent the scarf mentioned in the 5-minute ballad, and the video camera next to it suggests something of the visual nature is being cooked up.


Considering Taylor has already revealed she will be releasing a 10-minute version of the song, we absolutely cannot wait to see if it’s accompanied by a video. 

As well as re-recording all her old hits, like with her re-release of Fearless, Taylor is dropping some songs “from the vault” – songs that she wrote back in the day but never made their way to the public. 

Also featured on the album will be the likes of Ed Sheeran and Phoebe Bridgers.

So fellow Swifties, mark your calendars for November 12th. And Jake Gyllenhaal, maybe turn off your DMs that day x

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