Taylor Swift just fancast her pals Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in a movie based on a ‘Folklore’ song

The movie would be based on her song 'The Last Great American Dynasty', which is based on a true story!

Taylor Swift fans have run a lot of wild theories, analysis, and music video Easter egg hunts across Twitter since the singer’s latest effort was released. The surprise album called folklore dropped back in late July. Since then, Swift scholars have dived into the singer’s storytelling lyrics and stripped-back indie tunes with joy. Now, because the fourth wall is truly gone for good, some fans suggestions for a movie version of her song ‘the last great american dynasty’ (yes, she said lowercase) have made it back to the singer and she’s extremely on board!

In case you missed it, or the excellent last great american dynasty memes, the song is actually based on a true story. It follows the life of the socialite whose house in Rockaway Beach is now owned by Swift herself. In the song, the socialite, Rebekah, is left a wealthy widow after her oil tycoon husband, Bill, dies of a heart attack. She then uses her inherited wealth to throw parties and live her best life, much to the dismay of her neighbours.

In a tweet that’s since blown up with support, one fan called for Swift’s IRL friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to play the leads in a film version of ‘the last great american dynasty’. 

Reynolds threw his concerns in at the idea of a film adaptation, writing, “But Bill’s heart… ?” Swift, who is all too aware of her power we reckon, wrote back: “not trying to be The Loudest Woman This Town Has Ever Seen™ but… I LOVE THIS.”

We assume that tweet has now been DM’ed to every Great Gatsby fan alive, Baz Luhrmann this is your moment!

Taylor Swift last great american dynasty movie

Fans will remember that Lively and Reynold’s actually do sort of feature in the folklore world already.

After the album’s release, Swift revealed she named some of the characters in one of the album’s storylines after the couple’s children: Betty, James and Inez.

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