YouTuber Tana Mongeau apologises for making YouTube apology videos… with another YouTube apology vid

“I want to express my utter disgust with every single apology video I ever made,” Mongeau said in a video called “a long overdue apology.”

Controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau is apologising for making apology videos on YouTube instead of holding herself accountable for her actions.

Earlier this year, Monguea, 22, was accused of racist microaggressions towards fellow YouTuber SimplyNessa15, real name Nessa Briella, and Kahleen Barry. Other former friends say she allegedly gaslit them. Then, she was partying during the COVID-19 pandemic and when called out for it, her and a friend allegedly admitted they “don’t care.”

Mongeau has shared a long apology video for each of these, before later being accused for something else and by another person. And now, in a new video titled, “a long overdue apology,” the YouTuber is addressing how she responds to these claims and her “irresponsible” behaviour. 

So basically, she’s apologising for her past apology videos with… another apology video?

“I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart for being such a big part of cancel culture for the entirety of my career,” she started to say. “I don’t deserve a platform if I continue to act in such a gaslighting and irresponsible manner, and I’m so sorry for how long I’ve done that.”

“I want to express my utter disgust with every single apology video I ever made. I’m sorry for uploading them, I’m sorry for defending them, and I’m sorry for putting them out to such a huge audience. I did nothing but look at apology videos as people digging up my past again.”

“I don’t want to come back to this platform until I am someone that can shape the youth in far better ways than the things I watched growing up shaped me. I don’t want to be the reason a young girl grows up the way I did,” she continued.


“There is no excuse for the amount of time it took me…but I was so stuck in my narcissistic, egotistical ways that I was convinced I was a good person and I had nothing to learn.”

“As I would grow in my career, I would claim to say that I understood the pain in those words… but then every time I would apologise, it would be in a way that was so pandering and deflecting, it would discredit everything that I have to say.”

“To every single person who has called me out on my performative activism, you are 100 percent right. It is so sad that it took me years to realise that by not apologising and not taking accountability for my past, but then sprinkling in random acts of justice…that is performative activism.”

Shortly after the video was shared, people on Twitter began to call her out for apologising for people feeling a certain way about her actions (which, fyi, is not holding yourself accountable for your actions) instead of what she’s done. And, according to Barry, Mongeau allegedly deleted her and Briella’s comments on the YouTube video about how they do not accept the apology. 

“That video was bulls**t,” Briella tweeted. “It took you three months to give us BULLS**t. This was so clearly scripted. Was someone holding up cards!?? Tana as you told me before, ‘I’m super disappointed in your post.’”

“Tana, why did you delete mine and Nessa’s comments from your video,” added Barry. “Because you don’t want your audience to see we don’t forgive that b* apology.”

You can watch the full apology video below.

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