Blink and you’ll miss a rare new Sophie Turner appearance in Joe Jonas’s TikTok

They might be our favourite extremely chill couple.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been keeping things extremely chill and private since they welcomed a baby daughter called Willa in July. Between rare snaps of the couple out and about and cute film photos of Turner posted by her husband (peep ’em below), we haven’t seen much of them! Now though, fans have been treated to some fresh video of Soph ‘n’ Joe, and of course, they’re just vibing on the couch. 

In a recent TikTok video, Jonas looks into the camera while bobbing his head to Omega’s “Pegao.” He then flicks the camera towards Turner, who gives him a small smile before the two of them bob their heads along to the beat. It’s a very tiny moment but perhaps a TikTok is worth a thousand words?

After all, the world is still reckoning with the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement and the coronavirus pandemic. A moment staying in on the couch, minding your business and resting with your loved ones seems like it should be top of all our lists right now? (After donating to mutual aid groups, ofc.)

For those who missed it, the young couple officially announced they had welcomed their baby girl Willa into the family in a statement on Monday the 28th of July. “Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are delighted to announce the birth of their baby,” they said in a statement to Us Weekly.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed Turner’s cute maternity style and speculating on whether this really is the meaning behind the couple’s unique name choice.

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