How Sophie Turner Gets Into Superhero (And Supervillain) Shape

‘That costume is pretty unforgiving.’

In the next few months, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Sophie Turner.

Not only is the final season of cult favourite Game of Thrones on the horizon (April 14th, for calendar-marking purposes), but the next instalment of her superhero franchise—she plays Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix—is almost upon us, too.

In preparation for both roles, Turner, 23, underwent a rigorous training regime.

Between a Paleo-esque diet and turning London her personal gym, the actress didn’t shy away from putting in hard work (unlike her sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, who prefers a more chilled approach to fitness).

Here, all her fitness and health secrets.

Sophie Turner

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According to Turner’s personal trainer, James Farmer, one of Turner’s first changes was switching up her morning routine.

“When I met Sophie, she didn’t eat breakfast, which is a common mistake,” he told SELF. “And I didn’t think she was eating enough of the right foods. So I made sure she had a good source of protein and healthy fats with every meal, plus lots of fibrous vegetables like spinach and cauliflower.”

Sophie Turner

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The diet Farmer created was a ‘low-carb, Paleo-style plan,’ which called on fruits, vegetables, lean meats and nuts.

“I’ve really embraced healthy eating,” Turner said of the diet. “It makes you feel a lot better and more energetic. I’m inspired to get up and out.”

Sophie Turner

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As for the preparation for her “unforgiving costume,” Turner did “60 minutes of exercise six times a week for 3 months.”

“Exercise has made me feel more positive about my body, less self-conscious,” said Turner, “I don’t know if I look any different, but I feel stronger, and I can do more, which is such a good feeling. It’s so liberating.”

Sophie Turner

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As per his interview, Farmer constructed full body workouts for Turner, which consisted of “hill sprints, kettlebells, resistance bands, and burpees” among other things.

Instead of training inside a gym, Turner notes that Farmer did everything outside on the streets of London. “It was all outside, around London, which was more fun than being cooped up in a gym,” she said.

Sophie Turner

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Aside from strict regimes, Turner is also naturally active. The actress is often spotted skiing, biking and hiking with her fiancé, Joe Jonas.

Sophie Turner biking

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She’s also a fan of using her own stream to get about, whether it’s walking or biking.

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