From Sex Education to Bridgerton: Who is Simone Ashley?

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You know her as Olivia Hanan from Sex Education, but Simone Ashley is entering her ✨ Victorian Era ✨ as she joins the cast of Netflix’s Bridgerton

WATCH: Bridgerton Season 2 trailer

While season one of Bridgerton centred around Daphne Bridgerton (portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor), this season is all about Anthony Bridgerton baby (Jonathon Bailey).

Yep, it’s Ant’s turn on the marriage market. But his “requirements” for his dream woman don’t sit too well with new character Kate Sharma (AKA: Simone). 

“I take issue with any man who views women merely as chattels and breeding stock,” Kate tells Anthony in the trailer.

“When you manage to find this paragon of virtue, whatever makes you think she will accept your suit? Are the young ladies of London truly so easily won by a pleasing smile and absolutely nothing more.”

“So you find my smile pleasing,” Anthony asks, to which Kate rebuffs: “I find your opinion of yourself entirely too high.” 

Enemies to lovers arc??? Netflix, you know our weakness.

Here’s everything we know about Simone Ashley. (Credit: Getty)

So just who is the actor behind Kate? How old is she? What’s her Zodiac sign? Her dating life? We want to know everything! So we’ve done some research, and here’s what we’ve found…

Where is Simone Ashley from?

Simone was born in Camberley, Surrey, England, to Tamil Indian parents. She has an older brother named Sean.

“I grew up in a household full of Indian academics, y’know, the doctors, the engineers, the accountants – it’s pretty cliche! I was never a budding academic, and always thrived in creative field,” Simone told Veylex.

How old is Simone Ashley?

Born on the 30th March 1995, Simone is 26 years old – making her an Aries. And it looks like some of that fiery spirit is translating onto the Bridgerton screen.

What has Simone Ashley been in?

Well, there’s Sex Education, of course, and Bridgerton. But her IMDB doesn’t stop there. The 26-year-old has also appeared in the TV series’ Broadchurch, Doctors, and more.

When comparing her two major roles, Simone confessed that Bridgerton is actually “more intense” than Sex Education with regards to all the behind-the-scenes training.

“If I’m not filming, I’m horse riding, training or in rehearsals. I’m in accent training or I’m in a fitting. It took some getting used to,” she said to Wonderland Magazine.

Simone is starring as Kate Sharma in season two of Bridgerton. (Credit: Netflix)

Is Simone Ashley dating someone?

We might need Lady Whistledown’s connections to uncover this one. The actress has remained private about her love life, not revealing anything to the public. Which is totally valid. 

The actress has, however, spoken about her journey to self-love and confidence, telling Glamour that she wishes she could reassure her younger self to “get to know yourself more, own yourself more, and just have confidence in yourself”.

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