Moordale’s Mean Girl Mimi Keene Is A Fashion Queen In The Making

Of course, the Sex Education star is a total sweetheart IRL.
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There is an eternal fabulousness to Hollywood’s most iconic mean girls like Sharpay Evans, Regina George, and Kathryn Merteuil, who have served whip-smart sartorial looks and savage one-liners.

But in the land of Netflix, there is a mean gal making waves in tinsel town in the form of Ruby Matthews on Sex Education.

WATCH: Sex Education | Season 3 | Official trailer.

She’s hot, she’s fashionable, and most of all, like most of these snarky characters, she’s actually misunderstood.

During the show’s third season, Ruby has brought new themes to the series, like her hard family situation and a show-stopping relationship with Otis. While we would love to rant about her incredible character growth, we’re here for something else.

Mimi Keene, who plays Ruby, is quickly becoming one of our favourite fashion gals, and we don’t think it will be long before she’s sitting in front row at fashion week.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, the 23-year-old expressed her love of fashion is how she best relates to Ruby (because Mimi is obviously a sweetheart).

“She always looks great, she loves bright colours and coordinating which is similar to me. I’ve always colour coordinated my clothes since I was a child. My mum would always say to me ‘not everything you wear has to be the same or matching down to the socks’!,” said Mimi.

“She always looks great, she loves bright colours and coordinating which is similar to me.” (Credit: Instagram)

But pause. Let’s dip our toes back to Ruby’s character development because we love it when mean girl characters are handled with the nuance they deserve.

It seems Mimi is also pretty chuffed to see this growth too because, behind most hard exteriors, there is a vulnerability that deserves empathy.

Mimi told Seventeen Magazine that she was looking forward to discovering this side of her character.

“I’m excited about this new element to Ruby, in the sense that you find out a lot more of who she is behind the bravado of, ‘I’m perfect. Everything in my life is brilliant. I’m better than you,” she explained.

Now, turn your attention to Mimi’s Instagram because she is serving looks!

From headscarfs to strappy midi dresses, 90s JLo-esque sunglasses, straight leg jeans, to power suits, Mimi’s wardrobe is a Gen Z fashion daydream.

Without further ado, let’s analyse her best fashion looks so far.

Headscarves never looked so good. (Credit: Instagram)

A turtleneck paired with a headscarf, umm, we’re in love!

White hot! (Credit: Instagram)

Mimi styled her early 2000s baguette bag with this sleep white dress, which is brought to another level by its high slit.

With Sex Education co-star Ncuti Gatwa. (Credit: Getty)

A white power suit may feel risky cause stains are a real possibility, but Mimi makes the look totally worth it.

Did someone say JLo? (Credit: Instagram)

Mimi! Quick put your sunnies away before JLo asks for them back.

Puppy cuddles! (Credit: Instagram)

Like Mimi, we are grateful the reign of skinny jeans is well and truly over, because straight-legged denim is such a breath of fresh comfy air.

One word: bombshell. (Credit: Instagram)

And finally, we have no words. 

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