Selena Gomez isn’t looking for a boyfriend: “Every one of my exes thinks I’m crazy”

The singer also joked that her wedding is "never gonna happen."
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Is there anything more soothing than sitting down with a friend and talking about your feelings? Maybe only if it’s coupled with the meditative action of throwing makeup onto your face. Selena Gomez recently sat down with beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials (aka Nikkie de Jager) to take her new Rare Beauty makeup line for a spin. In the chatty video, the pair talked about Gomez’s fave makeup looks and why she’s not interested in looking for a boyfriend right now.

At the video’s 19 minute mark, the pair discuss Gomez’s makeup artist Hung Vanngo. The singer used the moment to joke about marriage. “He will be doing my makeup for my wedding, which is never gonna happen.”

“It’s hard in quarantine,” Gomez continued. Knowing how closely her dating life is followed though, the singer quickly added that her comments were “not an invitation” for anyone interested. “It’s just funny that I release things that say I want a boyfriend and stuff…and I’m like, ‘I didn’t really mean it, though. Guys are a lot of work.”

“Every one of my exes thinks I’m crazy,” she shared. “So, I don’t care.”

Gomez has recently had a lot on her plate too! Between a collab with BLACKPINK, launching her Rare Beauty cosmetics line, possibly appearing in Scream 5 and working on her new cooking show we’re kinda glad the singer is focusing on herself rn. She’s booked, busy and minding her business.

Meanwhile, her most high profile ex Justin Bieber recently came under fire for his mention of her in a music video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s song, “Popstar.” Yikes.

You can watch the full video with Selena Gomez and Nikkie Tutorials below.

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