Who is Reiña Jacinta Silva? All about Cole Sprouse’s new influencer crush

Everything you need to know about the cool model gal.

After a good few years in their on-off-on-again relationship, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse called it quits for the final time earlier this year. After officially announcing their breakup in August, it looks like Sprouse might have his eyes set on someone new? In recent pics, Sprouse has been snapped getting very cuddly with Instagram influencer and model Reiña Jacinta Silva, or Reiña Silva as she’s more commonly known. Couple that with the fact Silva has been appearing in a few artsy shots for Sprouse’s photography portfolio? We think a romance could be blooming. 

Below, everything you need to know about Reiña Silva.

Are Cole Sprouse and Reiña Silva dating?

Okay, so we obviously can’t know anything for certain until either party confirms on the record that they’re romantically entangled. It’s a very Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber situation, you know, who knows what a public hug and kiss really means if you’re a celeb right now?

That said, both Sprouse and Silva are posting pictures from a recent shoot which seemed to take place in the area Silva is based, Vancouver in British Columbia. At last check, Sprouse was filming Riverdale in Canada with the rest of the gang. From these pics and the scenery shots, it doesn’t look like quite like the “prison” Lili Reinhart described.

How old is Reiña Silva?

Silva is 22, having recently celebrated her birthday according to her Instagram Story.


What does Reiña Silva do?

Silva is a model and Instagram influencer. According to her Q&A video, she got into modelling after dancing for many years.

What is Reiña Silva’s background?

The stunning gal is part Portuguese, and part Russian-German, though she was born in Canada.

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