The Internet Is Thirsty For Paul Mescal

But are you surprised?
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On June 26, 2020, we all fell in love with Paul Mescal.

Fans of Sally Rooney may not have been too sold on the Irish god when the cast for it’s Hulu show was announced in 2019, but when we finally started episode one, our lives were never to be the same.

WATCH: Normal People’s star Paul Mescal plays the piano.

There is just something about Paul with his kind face, moon blue eyes, and strong frame. If he wanted, he could be arrogant or brash and get away with it but for those, like us, who have found themselves in a YouTube hole watching every interview with him, we know he’s totally soft spoken and humble.

He doesn’t feel like an untouchable Brad Pitt or a dangerous but tantalising James Dean, he is a bloke you could imagine meeting in your local pub.

But it’s not like he is ordinary, perhaps at first glance, yes, but when you watch him it’s clear that he contains something magnetic and raw – it’s a hot mix, and kind of rare, not even Harry styles can strike up as perfect of a balance between charismatic and authentic.

So, let us give you the 410 on this gent.

Normal People is the answer to Romeo and Juliet. (Credit: Instagram)

How old is Paul Mescal?

Paul’s birthday falls on February 2, which makes him an Aquarius and he’s 25.

What has Paul Mescal starred in?

Paul’s screen debut was Normal People but before the iconic show he was a stage actor and after graduating from The Lor Academy at Trinity College (Ya, the exact school in Normal People), he performed in the theatre adaption of The Great Gatsby, The Plough, and the Stars.

At the tail end of 2020 he made his second television appearance in The Deceived.  

As expected, as a result of landing such a lucrative first role Paul had to navigate almost instant fame and he told GQ that it was weird experiencing that ascent during a pandemic, in the very early days of the crisis at that.

“It’s weird. I know that when I look back, I’ll remember COVID and how awful this year has been generally,” he said. “But then, personally? It’s been pretty, pretty good.”

So his he just casually friends with Dakota now? (Credit: Getty)

What will Paul Mescal star in next?

Paul is doing pretty well for himself and does not have to worry about being out of work for a long time.

According to he IMDB his movie debut is happening at the end of 2021, in the Lost Daughter, which also stars Dakota Johnson and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

As for his projects in pre or postproduction, expect to catch this hottie in Bring Them Down, God’s Creatures, and Carmen.

Did Paul Mescal always want to be an actor?

The star has admitted acting wasn’t always on his mind because he grew up playing Gaelic football as a defender.

Although he gave a humble reply to GQ by revealing “I was definitely not the most skilled,” his former coach, Brendan Hackett, had quite the opposite response to the journalist’s question.

“I would say he is being humble there, in my opinion,” he said. So, we can only assume he was as talented an athlete as an artist – talk jack of all trades.

“I was definitely not the most skilled.” (Credit: Getty)

A unique beauty

We really aren’t giving him a back handed compliments with this, he has our whole heart, but he isn’t a traditional Hollywood leading man, and Lenny Abrahamson, who directed some of Normal People, commented on Paul’s unique look.

“You can see phases in the movie industry where leading men were very broad-chested, big and strong. And then you can see phases where they became slighter and more delicate. Paul is an interesting combination,” said Lenny.

My god! So well said.

Does Paul Mescal have a girlfriend?

Paul made his red-carpet debut with indie singer Phoebe Bridgers this week for the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art’s 10th Annual Art + Film Gala.

It’s rather devastating on both sides of their relationship coin, but we are obsessed with the fact their love blossomed on Twitter.

Yes! You can basically go back to their feeds from the middle of the pandemic to read their first ever interactions.

“I got a little pitter-patter in my heart.” (Credit: Getty)

In June, Phoebe tweeted about the glory that is Paul in Normal People and he ended up following her on Instagram – honestly, great play.

She told NME, “I got a little pitter-patter in my heart,” when she saw the notification.

Even thought they only recently made things official in public, earlier this year the internet found out that Phoebe had flown to Ireland and completed quarantine to spend time with Paul (I mean, that’s bloody reasonable, IT’S PAUL).

So, if you are more in love with Paul now, you can blame us, and if you aren’t then take in this cute as fact from his GQ feature.

He reads! And he had Patti Smith’s Just Kids in his lap during his interview.

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