I Went To A One Direction Club Night And Here’s The Verdict

It's the closest thing we're getting to a reunion.
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Themed club nights are quickly taking over my TikTok for you page and I’m not mad about it.

If you haven’t seen them, basically, venues are dedicating entire nights solely to one artist or band, exclusively playing their music on repeat. And the results? Immaculate.

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From an entire dance floor belting out Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer, or going absolutely off to Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman, there is something so special about a group of fans coming together for a pseudo concert.

Plus, if you’re like me, willingness to dance in a club is so often dependent on what music is playing. And if I’m guaranteed banger after banger all night from an artist I love, you best believe I will BE the dance floor.

So when the opportunity arose for me to attend Superficial’s One Direction club night in Sydney (pre lockdown, of course), the Directioner in me promptly exited her hiatus (take notes, lads) and called on six fellow fans to join me in reliving my fangirl days. 

Here’s how the night played out for anyone considering attending a themed club night of their own. 

It’s been five years since One Direction announced their hiatus. (Credit: Getty)

Upon entering the venue, I was instantly reminded of being at an actual One Direction concert back in 2013 (yes I saw them in the flesh, you wish you were me). Except this time, I didn’t have to act cool and mysterious in case Harry spotted me in the crowd, told me “I wasn’t like other girls”, and invited me backstage.

But seriously, it did kind of feel like that bit before a concert where the audience is jamming out to the artist’s discography while they do whatever it is they do backstage. And even though the boys weren’t actually there, (sobs), there were One Direction music videos being projected behind the DJ – honestly, it’s the closest we’re getting to a reunion at this point so I’ll take it.

Near the door, there was a table with a bunch of badges plastered with Liam Payne holding a puppy. They were free (their official merch could never) and you best believe we all took one. Clearly the Harry ones were scooped up by the early birds, but I digress.

Just look for the one dancing the craziest and it’s probably me. (Credit: Facebook | Superficial)

It didn’t take long for us to hit the dance floor. Being the hardcore fan that I am, I was belting out their most obscure songs while my very confused friends waited for Drag Me Down to start playing. (I didn’t realise I was hanging with a bunch of Direction-ators, but I guess I’ll have to rethink who I’m associating with).

Along with 1D track after 1D track, Superficial also tossed in some of the boys’ solo songs, as well as Miley Cyrus’ 7 Things – which was extremely random but equally appreciated for the timeless tune it is.

The main thing I noticed from the night was the incredibly welcoming atmosphere. As well as the many animated bathroom line chats, the dance floor was full of mingling.


FLASH WARNING! POV: this is you at our 1D nights in Sydney this weekend 💕#1D #directioner #1Dvids #onedirection #sydney

♬ original sound – Superficial Party

I personally often go rogue on a night out and dance with anyone that can put up with me, and this night was no exception. And even though I have no rhythm and Simon Cowell would most certainly order me off the X Factor stage, every single person I danced with embraced me completely.

Plus, the amount of style in that room would give the Met Gala a run for its money. From people dressing up as Harry’s Fine Line album cover, to rocking a leather blazer akin to his iconic Grammy’s look, I was in awe… and feeling extremely underdressed.

I do have one warning though…

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This is particularly for hardcore fans of the artist in question… there is literally no rest. You will want to sing and dance to every song, and leaving the dance floor is too risky, lest you miss a banger. In fact, I was mid washing my hands when 18 came on and, let me tell you, I have never dried my hands and left a bathroom so fast.

At the end of the night, my feet were all Payne and no Liam, my voice was non-existent, but my Directioner heart was full. Overall, I’d rate this night 10 Liam badges out of 10.

If you want to attend your own One Direction club night (Or Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, etc.), or even just live vicariously through party-goers, make sure to follow @superficialparty on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated about their events.

You’ll know you’ve entered a Superficial party once you see their iconic pink and red mermaid logo. And you’ll know you’re in for a good night.

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