The Hidden Detail In Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor Music Video Has Fans Losing It

Dear Olivia... we wish you'd thought this through before we went and fell in love with you.
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Olivia Rodrigo just unexpectedly dropped the music video for her hit song traitor and her fans are understandably freaking out. 

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So at roughly 2am Australia time, Olivia Rodrigo decided she was in a silly goofy mood 🤪and unveiled her music video for traitor.

In classic Livvy form, the video itself is extremely ✨aesthetic ✨, with lots of fairy lights, purple tones and camcorder shots. Unlike her brutal and good 4 u music videos, which were directed by Petra Collins, this visual was cooked up by Olivia Bee.

It shows Liv and her friends breaking into various places after hours. Olivia Bee really said… felonies but make them aesthetic 😌.

One of the locations in the video was an arcade, and fans just couldn’t help but be reminded of something… or, should we say, someone.

Olivia in her ‘traitor’ music video. (Credit: Instagram)

Yeah so, like we said, a large portion of this music video takes place in an arcade. And Olivia’s fans were quick to be reminded of when Liv and her former beau Joshua Bassett, whom the song is reported to be about, visited the arcade themselves.

There was even a close-up shot of Guitar Hero… which the couple were pictured playing back in the day.

Olivia is clearly taking notes from her role model and pal Taylor Swift when it comes to hidden messages in music videos.

Liv, 18, first hit our screens on Disney’s Bizaardvark (yes, that was the show that starred Jake Paul… even though it felt like a fever dream).

The actress then moved on to play Nini in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (seriously, what word count is Disney trying to reach?)

It was on HSMTMTS that she met fellow actor and singer Joshua Bassett, 20, who plays Ricky on the show.

A lot of the ‘traitor’ video took place in an arcade. (Credit: Instagram)

Joshua and Olivia were a rumoured couple around the time they were filming for the Disney+ show. The pair, however, reportedly split and Joshua was soon after spotted hanging around with fellow actor and musician Sabrina Carpenter.

After Olivia released her debut single driver’s license, in which she sang the line “you’re probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt”, fans were quick to point the finger at blonde-haired Sabrina.

But while this love triangle has had Gen Z in a chokehold for the better part of 2021, it does seem like all parties have moved on and are thriving. And we love to see it.

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