Wait, Do Critics & Stans *Actually* Agree On Olivia Rodrigo’s Brutal Music Vid?

Is it not like, messy?
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Olivia Rodrigo is a ballerina going through some s-0t, but she’s doing it with a dollop of glitter and punk rock.

WATCH: Olivia Rodrigo Brutal music video.

That’s right, our girl Olivia has blessed us with a music video for her latest song Brutal, directed by the imitable Petra Collins, the creator behind the Good 4 U video.

It’s a bombastic explosion of teen angst in its most YK2 iteration complete with Clueless-esque plaid minis skirts and even a Britney Spears reference.

In the opening scene, Olivia is wearing the same dress by Roberto Cavalli which Brit wore in 2003 to an awards ceremony – talk about nostalgia.

So, what is everyone saying about Olivia’s certified bop and its soon-to-be iconic video, which shines a light on just how brutal being a teenager can be? Well, let’s just foreshadow this by saying everyone is feeling delightfully psyched over the spectacular three-minute-long high school fiasco.

Critics have historically shamed female pop stars for expressing themselves.

But in 2021, we’re so over that narrative, which is why we’re pleased the commentary around Brutal is nothing but positive praise…

“Where’s my f—ing teenage dream?” (Credit: Instagram)

Rolling Stone dished out some stellar praise by describing the project as “bombastic and packed with glittery teenage angst.”

La Times shared a similar sentiment and revelled in the chaotic nature of Olivia’s energetic vibe.

“The teen pop sensation released her most angsty visual accompaniment yet.”

“The appropriately messy video sees the emerging singer-songwriter in a near-constant state of emotional distress,” wrote the publication.

Then Billboard followed with their thoughts by commenting on the complicated thrill of youth.

“Rodrigo represents the sheer fun of being young. But no matter how much she overindulges in it, there are too many stiff reminders of how fleeting the “golden years” are.”

Yes, free Britney! The pop star in 2003 and Olivia wearing the same dress in her latest music video. (Credit: Instagram)

Most of the time, there is a disconnect between the public and critics, so let’s travel over to Twitter and see what fans and music lovers had to say on that platform. 

Hint: You can put your pitchforks away for another day.


So, as you can see, the world has found a way to agree, and there is no drama to see here *phew.*

For now, we can only hope that we will be treated to more videos from the Sour era, but until that day, we’re off to brush up on our ballet skills.

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