Noah Cyrus has shutdown haters who criticised her sheer nude bodysuit outfit

When will people just let women wear what they want in peace?

Noah Cyrus recently took to the stage of the 2020 CMT Awards (Country Music Television Awards) and wowed people with a socially distanced version of her country track “This Is Us,” alongside Jimmie Allen. Unfortunately, as seems to be a recurring theme for the Cyrus sisters, attention landed more so on her outfit choice than her stunning vocals. The youngest Cyrus has faced a bunch of online backlash from people who are criticising the sheer crystal bodysuit she wore for her performance.

The piece in question was a nude bodysuit, decked out with some strategically placed crystals in the shape of a triangle bikini and g-string bottom. The brand who made the custom piece is the very cool Saga NYC, btw, a slow fashion brand who use upcycled materials for their designs. We love to see the focus on sustainability!

She topped off the look with matching white gloves, boots and a cowboy hat, all studded with crystals to match, of course.

Unfortunately, the CMT audience have a far more conservative and judgemental perspective on what women can wear. “Seems Noah Cyrus didn’t get the memo that CMT Awards are not equivalent to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show,” wrote one Twitter user. “I cannot fathom how incredibly distasteful & abhorrent her “costume” was. Praying to God above that she’s forbidden to perform among CMT artists ever again,” the user finished.

So apparently, women’s bodies are only allowed to be on display if they’re *checks notes* selling underwear for an increasingly irrelevant company owned by a male billionaire? News to us! Can’t believe this whole time we thought that everyone is allowed to wear whatever they want?

Cyrus, of course, was having none of it. And responded to a tweet criticising her outfit with the simple clap-back, “my body my choice, b*tch.” Cyrus also called out Fox News for their strange censoring of her body. “@foxnews it’s skin tone underwear but thanks for blurring my thighs. Vote Biden!” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Need she say more? We don’t think so.

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