Okay wow, Max Ehrich is releasing a *song* about Demi Lovato

A whole music video is on the way too.

YOU GUYS. It just keeps going! Max Ehrich is now apparently releasing a whole freakin’ song about his ex-fiancée Demi Lovato, complete with a music video?! We cannot deal with this. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more over the top than Ehrich supposedly calling the paparazzi on himself while he cried at the beach where he proposed, now he’s releasing a whole song?

Now, to recap this seemingly never-ending story, Ehrich and Lovato couple first kicked off their whirlwind romance earlier this year, quarantined togethergot engaged, struggled with rumours about Ehrich’s former fawning over Selena Gomez, and subsequently broke up. It’s… a lot.

Lovato, for her part, also released what’s pretty categorically a breakup song, titled “Still Have Me.” Per a source at TMZ, the song is a “tune is about the night he met Demi, and it tells the story of his inner dialogue—being terrified of falling in love with her because he knew their relationship was the real deal.”

Hooo boy. Apparently, the song was recorded in quarantine, in a “makeshift studio inside the home he was living in with Demi.” Yes, you read that right. While fans weren’t expecting the actor-singer’s album until next year, he apparently wants to drop the single now because of how he ~feels~.

Keep an eye out for it on all streaming services on Friday… if very weird and unnecessary non-breakup anthems are your jam?

For her part, Lovato is apparently acting like she was never engaged to Ehrich to begin with. “Demi has been acting as though she was never engaged to Max and that their relationship never happened,” a source told Us Weekly. “She is still not speaking to him and fully cut him out.”

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