Max Ehrich Went To The Beach Where He Proposed To Demi Lovato To Cry

Fans reckon he might have called the paps on himself... we can't anymore.

This really is the relationship, engagement and breakup that just keeps going, huh? Demi Lovato’s former fiancé Max Ehrich has just been photographed crying and seemingly praying at the beach where he proposed to her. If you’ve been following the saga, the actor and singer couple first began their whirlwind romance earlier this year, quarantined together, got engaged, struggled with rumours about Ehrich’s former fawning over Selena Gomez and subsequently broke up. It’s… a lot.

In the new video in question, which comes courtesy of TMZ, Ehrich can be seen crying in front of the paps at the beach, supposedly the same one where he proposed. He is clearly, a very, very sad boy.

At one point he’s on the phone, walking in the surf and speaking with someone on the phone, flinging clumps of seaweed into the ocean. Then he sits back down in the sand, with his hands clasped together against his forehead. Given his extremely religious updates on Instagram (bible verses etc), we think he might be praying?

Look. Breakups are extremely tough, let alone the end of an engagement to the person you thought you were going to marry. Ehrich also claimed that he first found out the relationship was over via a tabloid while filming, though we’re not sure if this is actually even true.

However, some of Lovato’s fans aren’t quite convinced and reckon the video is just another performance. Be warned, the tweets are pretty ruthless:

There’s even a dedicated Twitter account now: @MaxEhrichCrying which features Max Ehrich “crying to your fav song.”

Max Ehrich crying on the beach

Since the breakup, Ehrich has been posting erratically on social media, going so far as to accuse Lovato of using their breakup as a calculated PR stunt.

For her part, Lovato is apparently acting like she was never engaged to Ehrich to begin with. “Demi has been acting as though she was never engaged to Max and that their relationship never happened,” a source told Us Weekly. “She is still not speaking to him and fully cut him out.”

Another chapter in the Ehrich-Lovato saga of 2020 ends… for now.

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