Everything We Know About Your Euphoria Crush Maude Apatow

From her star sign to her romantic life.
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The Andrew Garfield TikTok fan edits have officially been usurped by Euphoria content. And as much as we miss the second Spider-Man consuming our for-you-pages, the East Highland High School girlies are giving us just as much serotonin.

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One Euphoria star who has preoccupied our feeds as of late is Maude Apatow, who portrays Cassie Howard’s (Sydney Sweeney) younger sister Lexi, as well as Rue’s (Zendaya) childhood friend.

Since the show’s second season began to air, Maude’s stans have come out in droves… We’re assuming since you clicked on this article that you’re one of them, and you’re wanting to find out more about the talented actress.

From her star sign to her romantic life, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s everything we know about Maude Apatow. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Maude Apatow’s age?

Born on 15th December 1997, Maude is currently 24 years old and a Sagittarius.

How tall is Maude Apatow?

Reportedly, Maude is around 5’4″ inches.

Who are Maude Apatow’s parents?

If the Euphoria star’s name sounds familiar, it is because she is the eldest daughter of famous filmmaker Judd Apatow, and acclaimed actress Leslie Mann.

Her younger sister, Iris, is also an actress.

Maude is the daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. (Credit: Getty)

What has Maude Apatow been in?

While she’s most well known for her role as Lexi Howard on Euphoria, this was by no means her first acting gig.

Maude first hit screens playing minor roles in her dad’s films Knocked Up and Funny People, as well as a slightly bigger role in This Is 40, portraying the daughter of Leslie Mann’s characters in all three movies.

Maude previously told Rolling Stone that, growing up, her parents didn’t allow her or her sister to pursue independent projects, as a means of protection.

“I remember, as a kid, wanting to be on Broadway. I really wanted to start working. And it was important to my parents that I finished high school and (was) mature enough to be able to handle myself in those situations without them.”

Judd added: “Our idea was always, ‘You can work with us or with our friends, people who can protect you,’ because sets are a weird place.”

Maude later portrayed Cleo in the TV show Girls, as well as appearing in Other People, The House of Tomorrow, Hollywood, and Pete Davidson’s film The King of Staten Island.

The Sagittariun is also currently filming another TV series called Pantheon.

Maude was rumoured to be dating former Euphoria star Lukas Gage, but their relationship was never confirmed. (Credit: Instagram)

Does Maude Apatow have a partner?

As much as Euphoria fans might love to see Lexi and Fez (Angus Cloud) get together on the show, off screen… Maude’s love life looks a little different.

Despite being recently spotted with best-selling author Sam Koppelman at a New York Knicks vs. New Orleans Pelicans game in January, Maude has not confirmed their romantic relationship.

Prior to this, rumours were swirling that the actress was dating former Euphoria actor Lukas Gage after he popped up on her Instagram. But again, there was no confirmation from either parties.

Maude was also reportedly in a relationship with British talent manager Charlie Christie since 2018. However, it is believed the pair have now ended things.

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