Have Lucky Blue Smith And Stormi Bree Broken Up?

An investigation into Instagram's favourite model couple.

Lucky Blue Smith and Stormi Bree have likely broken up—a sentence that will only make sense to you if you’re avidly involved in the ‘are-they-or-aren’t-they’ goings-on of Instagram’s Most Famous model couple. [Update: The couple has broken up. Smith is now married to model Nara Pellman and the couple recently welcomed their first child.]

Some background: Lucky Blue Smith, a 20-year-old IMG-signed male model with more than 3 million followers, welcomed his first child, a daughter named Gravity, with Stormi Bree—a 27-year-old model with nearly 1 million followers—last July.
Stormi and Lucky became famous as a couple thanks to their hugely gushy Instagram posts about one another (usually perfectly filtered and in black and white), but shortly after the birth of Gravity, their posts about each other ceased completely.
Now, Gravity is more than a year-old and appears to be splitting her time evenly between her two parents. But what happened to the happy couple? Despite Instagram appearances the pair actually haven’t officially announced their split (much to the chagrin of their combined 4.1 million followers).
I went a little too deep with my investigating of this story and discovered a couple of things. First, Lucky’s sister Pyper Smith (also a model), still comments compliments on Stormi’s selfies—so it seems like everyone is still on speaking terms. Second: Stormi and Lucky still follow each other on Instagram. Third: The couples’ copious fans are convinced Stormi is now dating Saro—a R&B artist and photographer who regularly features in Stormi’s posts. There’s no real evidence of this, they just seem like friends. Fourth: Lucky has either deleted or “archived” all photographic evidence of Stormi from his account, except for the announcement of Stormi’s pregnancy. Stormi still has dozens of photos of her and Lucky on her grid (you’ll have to scroll down a lot to find them).
Finally, the closest thing to a breakup confirmation came in February of 2018, when People referred to Stormi Bree as ‘Lucky Smith’s ex’. The story was explaining a small riff that happened between Bree and Kylie Jenner, when fans thought Stormi was accusing Jenner of ‘copying’ her name (Kylie named her infant daughter Stormi Webster).
SO. There you have it. They’re broken up. Who else is exhausted?

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