Critics & Stan Twitter Have *Thoughts* About Lorde’s Solar Power

Sooo... no one's in agreement?
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The reviews are in for Lorde’s new album Solar Power and, needless to say, there is absolutely no consensus. 

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Considering it’s been four years since Lorde released her Grammy-nominated album Melodrama, fans of the New Zealander have been eagerly awaiting the musician’s return to the game.

Well the wait is over guys, as the 24-year-old’s latest project, Solar Power, has finally hit our ears… and the ears of critics.

So what is everyone saying about the record? We’ve rounded up the top critic and fan reactions and all we can say is… Olivia Rodrigo was right, it is brutal out there.

The reviews are in. (Credit: Getty)

UK publication The Independent decided tough love was the best approach when it came to reviewing this album, writing, “Solar Power finds Lorde swapping her trademark directness for tuneless detachment”. Yikes

But, unfortunately, it wasn’t an uncommon take, with fellow UK publication, The Skinny, deeming Solar Power, “soft, woozy, melodically loose”. 

“When you think about how powerfully she put together massive choruses on the likes of Green Light and Perfect Places, the lack of structure to Solar Power’s songs is startling.”

Many critics have claimed that Solar Power does not hold up when compared with Melodrama. (Credit: Instagram | @lorde)

While the UK Telegraph did call the record “utterly gorgeous,” it claimed that the singer’s “perspective has shifted from every-girl outsider to privileged solipsist”.

“Solar Power is underpowered and unlikely to set the world on fire.”

Ooft, OK. Time to see if Twitter agrees. 


But it’s not all bad guys; remember, we said there was no consensus? Many critics and fans have been showering the performer with praises.

For starters, Clash Music called the record “deeply cohesive, conceptual and considered”. We love to see it.

The Guardian also praised its cohesiveness, describing the album as “clearly designed to be listened to in full”.

Meanwhile, NME claimed that the album “grows in quiet stature with every listen”.

“Few artists strike gold on every record they create but, for the third time in a row, Lorde has done it again, crafting yet another world-beater.”

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And, although Twitter housed a fair amount of Lorde slander, her fans also came out in waves of support.


At the end of the day, while critics and Stan Twitter remain so influential when it comes to music, you’re allowed to have your own opinions.

If you love the album, listen to it, and if you don’t, that’s OK too. There are plenty of other bangers out there to stream.

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