Lili Reinhart wants everyone to leave Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston alone

"Unpopular opinion: can we just leave Jennifer and Brad alone?"

If by some miracle you’ve missed it, the reuniting of the year has happened (on Zoom of course) and people are losing it. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston participated in a charity fundraiser table-read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and while all of their flirting was simply a part of the script, fans are using the moment to speculate heavily if there could be something more going on. One person who isn’t so into the internet’s current frenzy? Lili Reinhart.

As someone coming from a high profile breakup herself—the Riverdale actress separated from her on-off boyfriend Cole Sprouse earlier this year—her perspective makes sense. Like Aniston and Pitt, she’s had to deal with fans scrutinising her relationships and words for meaning, even calling out the gossiping and rumours as toxic.

“Unpopular opinion: can we just leave Jennifer and Brad alone? Stop analyzing their every move and facial expression whenever they’re involved in something together. Let them live their lives in peace,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

As of writing, her post has a ‘like’ of approval from over 55 thousand people, so we guess her sentiment isn’t *that* unpopular.

That said, one user did chime in with their own unpopular opinion. “Unpopular opinion: they’re celebrities and signed up for this sh*t and can simply just not read about it. Just about everyone would kill to have the privileges they have. There’s more important things in the world lili [sic],” they wrote.

We’re pretty sure Reinhart knows there are indeed more important things going on in the world. Over the past few months the Riverdale star has been opening up her Instagram platform to Black activists and educators in support of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. Even having an honest conversation with her former co-star Asha Bromfield about the racism within their own show, Riverdale.

Regardless of what Reinhart might want for Aniston and Pitt, apparently the pair of them are chill.

“They actually think it’s hysterical that fans are so obsessed with them getting back together,” a source told Us Weekly. “Jen is having the time of her life right now. She’s satisfied with her work and personal life.”

Aniston and Pitt modelling a friendly, healthy relationship more than ten years after their divorce? We love to see it.

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