Kourtney Kardashian opens up about her breakup with model Younes Bendjima

It turns out she never intended to end the relationship.

Let’s take it back to 2018, when Kourtney Kardashian was dating model Younes Bendjima… and broke the internet upon her split. 

Days after news first broke about Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima’s split, the 41-year-old’s feelings about her seemingly sudden break up have finally come out. And while she is yet to post a personal statement to any of her social media accounts, many people close to the mother-of-three have spoken out on her behalf.

As it turns out, Kardashian was never planning to break up with her now-ex, with a source implying that the two were initially on a break—that was until the highly suspicious photos of Bendjima cosying up with a mystery woman in Mexico came out. “As soon as their long European vacation was over, they started having problems,” the source told PEOPLE.

Kourtney Kardashian

“Younes was in L.A. recently, and things were not great. He and Kourtney didn’t get along. They decided to take a break, but were not officially over. Now with the pictures of Younes in Mexico, they are definitely not getting back together… It didn’t end well.”

After news of the split had come out, hopes ran high that Kardashian would reunite with her ex, and father of her children, Scott Disick. But a close source to the family has said that a renewed relationship between the two is highly unlikely. “This is not going to happen,” the source told PEOPLE. “Kourtney will never get back with Scott.”

Her apparent shut down came just one day before Disick reportedly said he was “very happy” that Kardashian and the 27-year-old had called it quits. “Scott is very happy Kourtney cut it off with Younes,” a source told E!. “Although he is happy in his relationship with Sofia [Richie], he never liked Younes for Kourtney.”

A second source also came out, saying that he never felt positively about his ex’s relationship with the model: “He’s not surprised to see what has happened with Younes. He never trusted him or liked him at all.” So despite the exes appearing to be getting along lately, all hopes have been dashed that the two will get back together any time soon.

With a renewed relationship with Disick off the cards, Kardashian is said to be fine with her return to a single life, and ready to put her relationship with Bendjima behind: “Of course the photos were upsetting and embarrassing to Kourtney,” the source said. “But she’s in a good place right now and ready to move on. She was upset for a moment and then got over it.”

Kourtney Kardashian

Another source also confirmed her positive state of mind post-breakup. “Kourtney doesn’t play games. She seems okay with [the breakup],” a source told PEOPLE. “Younes was always supposed to be a rebound.”

Stepping out for youngest sister, Kylie Jenner’s, 21st birthday over the weekend, Kardashian looked to be in high spirits, not letting news of her recent breakup get in the way of the family festivities.

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