Kim Kardashian Revealed The Size Of Her Waist And Kourtney’s Response Was Hilariously Relatable

"I can't take your hips seriously right now..."

When it comes to achieving an hourglass figure, Kim Kardashian might just embody the ideal (or the extreme, depending on which way you look at it).

The celebrity recently revealed that, thanks to a strict diet and exercise regime, she currently has a 24 inch waist.

Kim Kardashian waist size inches

Last night, Kardashian shared a new video on her app, titled “Never-Before-Seen Footage of My Book Club.” For those who missed the memo, Kim K started a book club last year with Chrissy Teigen, Jen Atkin and her sister Kourtney.

As reported by E! News, in the video Kourtney tells him, “I can’t take your hips seriously right now…because your waist is so small and then your hips are so big.”

Prompting Kim to reveal that her waist currently measures 24 inches, while her hips are 39 inches. She also added, “It’s never been 24 ever in my life.”

To achieve this slimmer figure, the reality star has been working with trainer Melissa Alcantara. Melissa helped Kardashian get into shape following the birth of her son Saint.

Evidently, Kim is very happy with her newfound curves, as the #momofthree has been readily showing off her bikini body on social media.

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