From Dance Academy To Hollywood: Inside Keiynan Lonsdale’s rise to fame

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Whenever Keiynan Lonsdale appears on-screen, his enchanting allure is enhanced by his mysterious aura that captivates audiences, regardless of how big his role is – the actor makes an impression.

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The ridiculously handsome actor, who born in Sydney to an Australian, Irish, and Danish mum and a Nigerian father, grew up with 11 siblings has been slowly but expertly cultivating a longstanding career.

While growing up in such a busy household would undoubtedly have its challenges, the 29-year-old has gone on to create a name for himself in Hollywood but his journey to stardom happened right on Aussie soil.

How did Keiynan rise to fame?

Keiynan’s career dates back to 2008 when he landed a small role on Channel 7 drama All Saints, but his big break came some years later in 2011, he was cast as Ollie Lloyd on the hit Aussie show Dance Academy.

He even revived his role on the cult show’s studio movie Dance Academy: The Movie in 2017.

Keiynan soon turned to Hollywood and found his first nugget of success by getting cast in a small role in the Divergent sequels Insurgent and Allegiant.

Keiynan Lonsdale has been carving a career for a while. (Credit: Instagram)

His first big break came when he landed the role as Wally West on the American superhero television drama series Flash, which was followed by his part as Bram in the 2018 LGBTQIA+ teen movie Love, Simon.

His latest acting project saw him return to Aussie soil as Cam in Stan’s Eden.

Beyond acting, Keiynan worked as an MTV VJ for two and a half years, and is a keen musician.

In 2019 he starred in Camila Cabello’s music video for Liar, and in 2020, he released his first studio album, Rainbow Boy.

“I actually don’t label myself.” (Credit: Instagram)

What’s next for Keiynan?

The 29-year-old has been cast beside Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland in Lionsgate and BuzzFeed‘s LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy called My Fake Boyfriend.

Keiynan is set to play a young man who takes advice from his friend, played by Dylan, to create a fake boyfriend on social media to keep his ex-partner out of his life. However, not all goes according to plan and relationships are tested.

Does Keiynan identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community?

The actor has been open about his sexuality, and in an interview with Billboard, he discussed his journey and why he prefers not to label himself.

“I actually don’t label myself, but… Some people call me queer, some people call me bisexual, whatever it is now, I’m happy with all of it ’cause it all sort of represents me, in a way. I spent a majority of my life in the closet,” he told the publication.

“I knew I was attracted to both [genders], but I was really repressing any kind of genuine feeling I had for guys. It just became really painful. At some point, I came out to a lot of friends and some family, but then I went back in the closet when I started working as an actor in America.”

Although the actor had planned to remain closeted in Hollywood to avoid any prejudice from the industry, he decided that path wasn’t for him after all.

“Then I realised in order for me to fully embrace myself, if I really wanted to grow as a person, then I needed to just let go of any kind of shame that I had. And the best way to do that was just to be out publicly. Then it was done. It wasn’t something I’d ever have to hide again,” the Eden star explained.

“My first New Year’s Kiss.” (Credit: Instagram)

Does Keiynan have a partner?

It appears Keiynan is single, but in 2019 he shared New Year’s Eve with his partner at the time Zak Frio.

He posted a recording of their midnight kiss and captioned the moment, “My first New Year’s Kiss, and I’m so proud it’s with a boy and not just any boy… it’s Sparkle Boy.”

Unfortunately, it appears the two have since split up.

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