Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Relationship Timeline Is… A Lot

The couple have known each other since they were kids.
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Justin and Hailey Bieber’s relationship has intrigued many people. They went from church buddies, to friends, to non-exclusive, to not speaking, to church buds again, and then boom… they were engaged.

If Shakespeare were still alive, we’re sure this would be his sequel to Romeo and Juliet.

WATCH: Justin and Hailey Bieber play the floor is lava while in lockdown

As far as Hollywood couples go, they’re certainly not the most random – that title goes to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

Considering they both grew up in the industry and are devout Christians, their commonalities clearly helped the two bond and eventually tie the knot.

But the road to the aisle was literally so chaotic – with many bumps and Selenas (well… just one Selena) along the way.

We’ve broken down Justin and Hailey’s relationship timeline…. and you might want to grab a snack before you begin.  


Hailey and Justin first met when Hailey’s dad, actor Steve Baldwin, introduced them backstage of The Today Show. OK matchmaker.

Um but, needless to say, Hailey didn’t look like too much of a Belieber at the time (see above video).

Maybe she was pulling a classic nonchalant “I’m not like other girls” move to catch his eye (nicely played Hailey, nicely played).


Steve ‘matchmaker’ Baldwin tried again when he took Hailey to the premiere of Justin’s movie, Never Say Never, in NYC. But that same month, the Biebs confirmed his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Hailey was well on board with Jelena at the time, tweeting in September: “I don’t care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together is the definition of a teenage dream! #word.”

But as we all know, Jelena called it quits in 2012.


After starting to hang around in the same social circles, Hailey and Justin were spotted attending a Hillsong church together. And proceeded to hang out A LOT.

Despite many rumours that they were a “thing”, the stars assured fans they were just friends.

Jailey takes a tropical vacation. (Credit: Instagram)


In December of 2015, the “good friends” took a tropical vacation together before…


… Justin shared a photo of him and Hailey kissing to his Instagram on January 4th. Happy New Year to Jailey.

The next month, Hailey confirmed that they were dating but they weren’t “exclusive”.

“We are not an exclusive couple,” she told E!. “He’s about to go on tour. Relationships at this age are already complicated, but I don’t really like to talk about it because it’s between me and him.”

Justin also spoke about not being “held down” to GQ.

“I don’t want to feel like the girl I love is an added responsibility,” the Biebs said. Aww, and they say romance is dead.

“I know that in the past, I’ve hurt people and said things that I didn’t mean to make them happy in the moment. So now I’m just more so looking at the future, making sure I’m not damaging them. What if Hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry, right? If I rush into anything, if I damage her, then it’s always gonna be damaged.”

And when Justin said he didn’t want to be held down… he meant it. Because out of nowhere in August, the Baby singer unfollowed Hailey on Instagram.

Justin unfollowed Hailey on Instagram in August 2016. But DW guys, he later refollowed her and now we get gems such as this. (Credit: Instagram)

From 2016 – 2018

They were on a break!! No but seriously, Justin and Hailey were not friends during this time.

The model has since told The Times that they didn’t even speak.

“[We] went through a long period of time when we weren’t friends. We didn’t speak for quite some time and there was a lot of weirdness that went on.”

Cut to June and the pair seemed to mend fences as they were spotted attending a church conference in Miami. How romantic.

Then, just two months later, Justin confirmed he and Hailey were engaged via Instagram.

“Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make.”

And the newly rekindled couple didn’t wait long to tie the knot; in September, Hailey’s uncle Alec Baldwin confirmed his niece and Justin had wed.

“They went off and got married, and I don’t know what the deal is!” So there ya go!” the actor told Access.

Jailey is engaged. (Credit: Instagram)


In March, the married couple bought a swanky new pad in Beverley Hills, reportedly worth $8.5 million.

A month later, fans of the pair believed there was a mini Biebs on the way as Justin and Hailey pranked their fans on April Fools, pretending Hailey was pregnant.

Many people understandably took offence to this, calling the couple out for being insensitive to those who can’t have children.

Justin responded to the backlash and… um… it was definitely a response!

“There’s always gonna be people offended, there’s also people who don’t take jokes very well, I am a prankster and it was APRIL FOOLS’. I didn’t at all mean to be insensitive to people who can’t have children.”

In September, a little over a year after getting legally married, Hailey and the pRanKsTeR had a bigger ceremony with their family and friends, tying the knot in Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.

Jailey is still going strong. (Credit: Instagram)


Despite many people having doubts about their relationship, in 2021, the pair kept assuring the public remained committed to one another, with Hailey telling Elle that JB is the only one for her.

“He was somebody I’d always cared about so deeply and loved very deeply,” the model said in February. “Obviously, it took work and getting past things between the two of us, but it was all very worth it. He’s an incredible, amazing man and such a good partner to go through life with. There is no one else I would have ever wanted to spend my life with except him. So, I’m lucky.”

Two months later Justin also spoke about his relationship with GQ, saying that his and Hailey’s first year of marriage was “really tough”.

“There was just a lack of trust…there was all these things that you don’t want to admit to the person that you’re with, because it’s scary. You don’t want to scare them off by saying, ‘I’m scared.’”

Following this, despite creating many pregnancy rumours during their September appearance at the Met Gala, no mini Biebs has been confirmed as of yet.

Although, Hailey did ask her hubby about his goals during Amazon Prime’s Justin Bieber: Our World documentary, and it seems like the singer is, indeed, ready to be a dad.

He told Hailey that he wants “to continue to set goals and have fun doing them, make sure I put family first. And hopefully we will squish out a nugget”.

Justin and Hailey sparked pregnancy rumours at the Met Gala. (Credit: Getty)


For now, the couple seem to be enjoying experiencing life and growing together, both in sickness and in health.

In March, Hailey suffered a scare befalling into the former camp when she was taken to hospital due to a blood clot in the brain.

Taking to Instagram, the model explained how she was having breakfast with Justin when she started experiencing “stroke-like symptoms” and sought medical attention.

“They found I had suffered a very small blood clot to my brain which caused a small lack of oxygen,” she said.

“But my body had passed it on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours.”

Stressing the experience was “one of the scariest moments” in her life, the celeb was discharged from hospital over the weekend, thanking the doctors and nurses and anyone who had sent their well wishes. 

Her husband, who was with her at the time, didn’t publicly comment on the health scare. However, he is constantly celebrating his wife on Insta. In early 2022, the Believe singer shared behind-the-scenes snaps of him and Hailey during his tour. 

“Can’t keep this one down 🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍,” the singer wrote alongside of picture of them.
Justin penned a moving birthday tribute to Hailey. (Credit: Instagram)

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