Meet Johnny Barbara, Victoria’s Secret Model Devon Windsor’s Husband

The couple married in a lavish St Barts ceremony.
Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor and husband Johnny Barbara (AKA Johhny Dex) have made no secret of their affectionate relationship over the years. The couple regularly post about each other on social media and often gush about their love for each other.

Main image via Instagram.
In November 2019 the pair made their commitment official, getting married in an intimate ceremony in St. Barts, with several models and celebrities in attendance.
The wedding came over a year after the couple got engaged in June 2018 during a very romantic proposal in the Bahamas, where Barbara spelled out the words “Marry Me?” on a private beach, before getting down on one knee.
While Windsor is quite the public figure—boasting a cool 2.1 million followers on social media—her beau has made a habit of staying fairly out of the spotlight. In fact, when the pair began dating in 2016, Barbara didn’t even have a public social media profile.
Evidently, much has changed since the couple initially met, as now Barbara also has a following in the thousands.
Devon Windsor and Johnny Dex wedding
Though, don’t let the public Instagram account fool you, Barbara is not necessarily an open book as several details of his life—such as his career history—still remain unknown. Even his name was a topic of much confusion which lead to Windsor’s 2017 twitter post to clear some things up.
She wrote, “LOL my boyfriends name is Johnny Barbara… not johnny dex! His middle name is Dexter and johhnydex is just his instagram handle lol”.
Johnny Dex
Barbara’s Instagram bio reveals he is a CEO and Art Director, pretty nebulous if you ask us. It appears that Barbara was well-versed in the world of fashion before ever meeting Windsor. Along with his sister, Alexis Barbara Isaias, and mother, Ana, Barbara is the co-owner of US fashion label Alexis.
Windsor often supports her in-laws’ brand, wearing the label to events and on red carpets.
It’s true that not much is known about Johnny Barbara at this point, though with a wife like Windsor, we’re sure he will not remain a mystery for much longer. We do know a few facts about the couple though.
According to an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR US, Barbara and Windsor met in New York City, after being introduced by a mutual friend. They were both in relationships at the time and so nothing happened until two years later. Windsor was actually stood up on what was supposed to be their first date, after she texted Barbara and he didn’t reply until the next day. It turned out he was working all night.
He made up for it during Paris Fashion Week by sending her flowers every morning and then surprising her in Paris for her birthday. The rest is history.
Windsor has moved to Miami to be with Barbara and now only commutes to New York for work.

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