Joe Jonas got a neck tattoo and fans are debating if it’s of his wife Sophie Turner

Is it? Maybe???? We kinda see it.

Joe Jonas has added a fresh new tattoo to his ink collection and it’s causing a little debate among his fans! The former Jonas Brothers singer debuted a detailed, black and white tattoo on the back of his neck of a woman peering through a keyhole. Now, fans are discussing whether the woman in question is his wife Sophie Turner, who recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl called Willa.

Now, from the picture below, you can see that we don’t have a lot of the face to go off. Jonas’ neck tattoo only really shows an eye, the corner of a mouth and the angle of the woman’s jaw. There is kind of a resemblance, but it could also be our imagination.

Some fans though are entirely convinced that the tattoo is a sweet Sophie T tribute. “Is that……. Sophie?! 😲 IT LOOKS INSANE!!! ❤️,” commented one fan, while another weighed in, “SOPHIE’S EYE? Nah this tattoo winsss.”

However, it could just be another tattoo in the vein of an artist that we already know Jonas admires. The eye is reminiscent of Lina Cavalieri by the artist Piero Fornasetti. Fornasetti’s designs are pretty recognisable and we know that Jonas even has another tattoo of the artist’s work on his arm already. 

One fan theory suggests that maybe it’s actually a blend of the two! “It’s Fornasetti’s design with Sophie’s face,” one fan asserted. “Pretty cool in general & even better that it’s his wife,” wrote another, “Takes things to another meaning. It’s like opening a new world. Stepping through that door to her.”

Between Joe’s, Ariana Grande’s and Kaia Gerber‘s cute (and growing!) tattoo collections, we’re starting to get the urge ourselves. One reminder though? Stick and pokes are probably not the best idea right now, so head to the pros.

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