Here’s why Euphoria’s Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton is one to watch

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At not even 16, Jacob ‘Wanna’ Walton’s resumé puts us all to shame; from starring as Ashtray on Euphoria, voice acting in The Addams Family 2 oh… and casually being a Champion Boxer.

Meanwhile, we just got the “Are your eyes tired?” message on TikTok for the third time today.

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Ashtray’s storyline on Euphoria has been, in classic Euphoria fashion, um… intense.

If you haven’t watched the HBO drama… here’s a *very* brief overview of the character.

Spoilers ahead

Ashtray lives with fellow drug dealer Fezco (Angus Cloud). He flushed drugs down the toilet when the police were called on them. After Fez stole money from an unethical doctor to try and settle this dude called Mouse for the flushed drugs, Ashtray attacked Mouse and his partner Custer, killing the former in the process.

With the Euphoria season two finale looming, there are a few fan theories involving Ashtray and Fez… and pretty much every character, for that matter.

So, just who is the actor behind Ashtray? Here’s everything we know.  

Here’s everything to know about the child star. (Credit: HBO)

Where is Jacob ‘Wanna’ Walton from?

Wanna resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of four children to DJ and Jessica Walton.

What is Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton’s age?

Born on 22nd July 2006, the actor is 15 years old, and a Cancer.

What has Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton been in?

Other than Euphoria, of course, the child actor has already accumulated quite the resumé. As well as portraying Grant in the TV series Utopia, Wanna voiced Pugsley in The Addams Family 2, taking over from Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard.

The Euphoria actor is also in the upcoming superhero thriller called Samaritan.

Drug dealing squad goals 😍. (Credit: Instagram)

When it came to being cast in the HBO drama, Wanna explained to Spin 1038 that he was interested in the role as it was “so different” to the way he thought his career would pan out. 

“I was just super interested in it and I’m super glad that I got that role.”

Surprisingly enough, Wanna is not the only one in his family who has portrayed Ashtray in Euphoria. His little brother, Daelo, starred as the younger version of the character in the first episode.

“It’s a pretty crazy story that happened actually,” Wanna told Complex. “So I’m going way back to where I tried out for Euphoria. After I got the gig and all that, my baby brother, he really wanted to do the scene and he ended up doing the scene really well and was playing Ashtray and he killed it.”

Killed, did he say? 😳 Ashtray would be proud 🥰.

Is Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton a boxer?

Yes! He’s been boxing since the age of four and holds multiple State Champion titles in Georgia as well as a multiple USA Boxing South East Regional Champion titles.

In 2018, Wanna even starred in an advertising campaign for the Muhammed Ali Collection alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

But when it comes to his sporting heroes, the actor has confessed to Complex that none surpass Mike Tyson.

“I love Mike Tyson, the dog in him, the way he fights, his style, everything about it. He’s what a true boxer really is. You really see that in the ring every time he looks like he is about to kill the guy across from him,”  (Again, Ashtray would be proud 😍).   

The 15-year-old also likens boxing to acting, explaining that you can’t “slack around” in either profession.

“You have to deliver every scene,” he said. “That’s the only take you’re going to do. You never know what takes the editors are going to end up choosing, what the director wants to pick. So you got to give it that 100 percent on every single take and every single round while I’m boxing.” 

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